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i really hate spain (the national teams )because it’s not fair , they’re always winning no matter what , it doesn’t mean that just because thay have a lot of money that they can do whatever they want , they get the best of everything which leads to good results ,i mean , it’s football , it’s a game , it shouldn’t be about money , for example Italy can’t afford expensive players but still they’re the runner ups for UEFA Euro 2012 and UEFA Euro u21 2012 and UEFA Euro u17 2013 , so my problem is that everyone loves them and i hate that . i know this is wrong but i can’t change the way i feel about this , i just need a solution for this , i want to be right .

FIFA World Cup
Italy & Germany – 17 each
Italy – 4
Germany – 3
Second places
Germany – 4
Italy – 2
Third places
Germany – 4
Italy – 1
Fourth places
Italy & Germany – 1 each
Germany – 11
Italy – 8
Germany – 3
Italy – 1
Second places
Germany – 3
Italy -2
So what team would you say has been more successful?

Like, how are they being viewed going into this world cup in 2014?
Sry, i’m trying to phrase this as best as i can…lol.

I want to see Nigeria and Japan

I wanted to ask why Somalia haven’t taken part in african cup of nations qualifying and world cup qualifying. They have took part in the world cup qualifying for 2014 against ethopia but lossed. So why don’t they take part qualifying for african nations cup and will they take part for african nations in 2015.

They are all producing talented youth at very young ages, and already have highly talented first team club players, and young players making regular national team appearances. Who will be the next dominant. If you don’t think it will be any of these three say which nation and why. All answers welcome Im interested in everybody’s opinion.

I’m not saying whether they are or they are not. But they did lose to Italy in the Euros and in the World Cup against Spain and became third. Although, I still see people listing them as the 2nd best after Spain. Not all the time, but very often. How come?… I just want to hear opinions. That is all.

Yes, you can join a football academy for U-19 and even U-21 or U-22. For being selected for national teams It depends upon the country you are eligible to play. As being selected for stronger countries it is going to be hard. But then again a brick layer became a footballer at 18 and represented his national team and is looking for becoming the highest goal scorer in the world cup in 2014. That player name is Miroslav klose.

In career mode using your virtual pro, can you be called up to your national team? I know you can on the PS3 and XBox versions of the game. But can you as well on the PS Vita. I have been playing for a little while and have yet to be called up, so that’s why I am wondering.

I was rejected last year for a lack of leadership, and I’m a senior this year.
Service & Extracurriculars
- MSPCA volunteer (work with cats, small animals, and training with dogs on 10/16), around 288 hours. (2011-present)
- Mock Trial Member (2011-present)
- Key Club (2012)
- History Honor Society (2012)
- Care Package for soldiers (2011)
- Relay for Life (2011-2012)
- Rally for Allie (fundraiser for college freshman with cancer) (2012)
Leadership –
- Girls State attendee, Committee Leader (Summer 2012)
- Co-captain for “Chasing Hope” (Relay for Life 2012)
- Captain for “We Mustache for a Cure” (Relay for Life 2013)
- Mock Trial captain (2012)
Awards and Achievements
- 4.03 GPA
- Highest Average in AP USH Award
- Got 3 in AP English Language and AP United States History
- In 4 APs (English Lit, Euro, Psych, Calc)
- In 2 Honors classes
- 6/7 courses are Academic
- Got all advanced scores in MCAS (state exam)- perfect score in English.
- Abigail Adams Scholarship (tuition-waver)
- Koplik Certificate of Mastery with Distinction (tuition-waver)

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