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Dear All,
I ask of this, because of news current and ones of old.
Please forgive me if it turns into a complain fest, I am feeling very frustrated with the current event news and the Muslim population. I would love input from those who practice Islam, I would love to know your opinions!
I want to ask Muslims what they think of the current situation in the Middle East (My sincerest apologies as this is a Euro centric name).
I want to ask the Muslim input in the following areas with cited sources of course:
1) Why does the Muslim community not condemn the Embassy attacks on not only US Embassies, but German, British and Australian Embassies? The silence makes me think you, actually SUPPORT these uncalled for attacks.
(Especially on the latter three who did not create the film that sparked riots, and by extension the US as well as the film was Israeli).
I really want to believe the majority of Muslims are honest and good people. But I cannot, when faced with no sympathy from “good” (i.e are not blowing us up) Muslims.
News Sources for Embassy attacks:
2) Why does the Muslim community, when declaring themselves to be the religion of peace and humanity , subject those who do not subscribe to the same ideology to be resigned as a second class citizens ( Muslim women as well, apparently when it comes to blood payment or payment from the State they are worth less)
We don’t prosecute those of other religions and while we do have our share of nut jobs, we take pride in trying to protect people from those nut jobs, unlike Islam unfortunately. (see again Islamic treatment of ANY other religion as second class citizens and the freely dispensed baseless accusations of blasphemy).
I as a female, don’t understand the logic behind the treatment of the female sex as something to be covered up. I think, like me, the women want to have the freedom of choice, to enjoy basic civil liberties. Why deny them this when you declare your religion to be of peace and humanity?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_Is…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam
On the same note please explain why, in countries such as Saudi Arabia refused to sign the Universal Declaration of Human rights on grounds that it violates Islamic values, when Islam is the religion of peace and humanity? Instead of running away and writing your own which eliminates basic rights and is more of in my opinion a feel good attempt?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_D…
3) If you believe in “death to the infidels” or death to US, would you be fine not having billions of our foreign aid?
I would not give money to someone who murders my fellow humans.
My apologies if this comes across, badly, but I just want to know. I feel very frustrated not knowing the whole picture.

Next to Cairo and Tehran, London has third largest Muslim population and Sharia Law is recognized in many parts of greater London where these sport events are occuring in violation of Sharia Law

2012 London Olympics To Be Protected From Terrorist Attack By Six Missile Sites
Security experts believe they will uncover a plot involving the 2012 London Olympics, whether it comes from al Qaeda or from the Irish Republican threat, CNN reported.
Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics
this is in a rockefeller book talking about whats going to happen in the futre decades: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000
2 years before 9/11, the taliban had control over a part of afghanistan, and the us wanted to be partners with them because there was an oil site there, the taliban said no even after the us threatened them. then 9/11 happened, they invaded afghanistan and theyre still there today, this year iran said no more oil then the following week Cnn started saying that iran has nuclear weapons aimed at america. american soldiers urinating on dead taliban soldiers, american soldiers burning the qur’an, american soldiers killing innocents in afghanistan, all on cnn so if this will be the same as 911 as it looks, london might be the twin towers of this attack and once again the muslims will be blamed.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mrU0ZKg-9Y This is an ad for the Euro cup or whatever its called yet it shows London and the jersey name is I believe where the stadium is in London, the video explains it all in detail. They show an explosion and THEN they show the bombs dropping, so its like we see the explosion from under the ground, then they show us that it is a bomb which caused it, and then we see the ground breaking up. ALSO, there is a ball in the ad that says Tango-12, t-12 is the name of a huge bomb that causes an EARTHQUAKE EFFECT.
Last month the shut down the train systems underground in London, saying there was an oil leak or something similar to that. This was DIRECTLY UNDER the stadium. So I assume the bomb is there.
Now if you don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter. This is something going to happen in the future, so when it does happen, you can remember it was the crazy conspiracy theorists who put this together.
This is going to happen from as soon as in 7 days until the end, maybe it will be the final ceremony. The entire world will be watching…

Mi5 have been working hard, the threat level is at ‘strong possibility’ now, interceptions, surveillance etc
god bless them, james bond sh!t

Depends on the Muslim, I’d imagine…

i am seriously enraged , the iranian womens football team are not happy since fifa banned them for wearing a head scarf during a match and are banned from the Olympics .
come on when u come over to play a sport u must respect the game and the rules u people are not the only ones with faith and all .
why is it that u should always have it your way ,
if u r talking about freedom then u r society have serious problems that restricts basic freedom of humans ,like driving for women.
( oh yeah i know not everywhere is not saudi arabia but humans do exist there and they are bound to have freedom and u r religion is restricting it )
u people cannot follow someone elses simple rules when u shove urs into others .
dont get me started on frances burqa ban .
and still u people wonder why the world think bad of u people and u r religion .

After 2 hours i get so bad thoughts that forces me to change my region or to do shahada to someone :s today i was playing football and these thoughts came n they kept coming i felt like there is something happening inside my body and if i say the words i am out of islam :o so i tried very hard not to say anything :/ when this happens my face gets red i start hitting my head and when a thought abt Shahada comes to my head . A picture pops up in my head of me doing shahada to something then it tells me that i did shahada :s but idk to whom :s. i tried to ignore it just like how u all told me but its getting worst :o And when this happens i recite many duas but nothing work :s

Hello Rudy
No but i’d place you next to Munich Mockers and fellow trolls like Ice Dude

assalamu alaikum,
i am a 14 years old girl living in egypt and i speak arabic if you want to answer in arabic!
i pray 5 times a day and i fast in Ramadan, i help people and my friends in school, i give money to the poor sometimes, i obey my parents and i love them so much i always say alhamdulilah and bismilah and la elah ela Allah and i try to read quran everyday but sometimes i forget :( but insha2allah i will do everyday. i will wear hijab this Ramadan insha2allah ana i’m very scared but i will do it 4 Allah plz pray for me. now here”s my problem:
i am in a mixed school and i have many friend that are boys, i love them as my brothers and treat them good but we never hug or do anything wrong we sometimes talk but and laugh. no one of us boys and girls drink or do haram thing alhamdulilah.we don’t go to night clubs or anything. we just sometimes hang out as a group at the club just to play football or something fun! now the problem is that i love a boy and he loves me too since we were in 6th grade and now we are in 8th grade but he went to a different school. anyway the problem is i heard that love is haram before marriage. but i will tell you our story. our moms know about our pure love, they know that we talk to say how are you, even we talk infront of them because we don’t do anything wrong! we never go out together alone or even with others, but we somrtimes meet at the club but not alone just to say hi! we are never alone in one place, we never touch or even think about it. coz it’s even ilegal here. we just talk on the phone and we don’t talk about anything bad, he i always think that i want to marry him and he once told me that inshallah after graduation he’ll marry me. i’m sure he loves me coz if he didn’t he would have left me as we don’t see eachother except a few times in a year! so i want to ask why would this pure love be haram? since we don’t do anything haram nor even see eachother alot??? i’m really confused and i need a good answer please.BTW he’s 14 too
he’s a muslim and all our friends are muslims too. he prays and reads Quran sometime and goes to masjid and offcourse he fast. both of us are very good at school and our love doesn’t affect our grades, we advice eachothers to concenrae in school to be better and when one of us be late for salah(praying) or forgets, the other reminds him so Allah makes our love last. thanks for your answers SALAM

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