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Okay that sounds very bandwagon like but I’ll explain. I’m american and live in the US, and am a huge college football and basketball fan and played those sports. (I’m 17 btw) and all my friends play soccer and watch it, and it has really made me want to get into it, and I have already watched a good amount of games with them in the last couple years. Also I have been playing FIFA haha.
Anyways everyone always roots for barcelona or someone like that, but I have german heritage and want to root for a german team even though I do like arensal in the premier league. I like Dortmund, but it seems like they keep getting their players stolen from bayern, (lewandowski next..). I guess the delima is that I like that Dortmund is a great team but at the same time isn’t mainstream, but I want to see them be competitive when they play other great teams in UEFA that my friends cheer for. Any thoughts? will Dortmund just fade quickly, should I just root for munich because not many americans do and they will always be good?

It’s the all German UEFA Champions League Final rematch two months after the Bavarians became the Kings of Europe. The German Super Cup is being played in Dortmund’s Iduna Signal Stadion which should help the Borussen.
However Bayern have already collected 2 trophies this week for the past weekend’s Telekom Cup and another after beating Barcelona, if the Bavarians beat Dortmund it will be the 3rd trophy this week and a hell of a start for Pep’s squad before the season starts.
So will Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund be your fixture for this Saturday?
Who will win and by what score?

they destroyed Barcelona 7-0 and god knows what the score would have been if they were against Real Madrid’s pitiful defence that can’t defend set pieces.
Or is it just that Barcelona and RM are completely reliant on Ronaldo and Messi for attack so when they are missing that player they are easy pickings??
Messi is a great defender after all

or will they loose atleast 3 games
bq Will bayern dominate the club world cup

Bayern Munich has a chance to win 6 of the following titles, Cups and trophies:
1. The German Super Cup against Borussia Dortmund.
2. The UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea.
3. The FIFA Club World Cup.
4. The Bundesliga.
5. The UEFA Champions League title.
6. The German Cup.
So which of these titles, cups, or trophies do you think Bayern Munich will or won’t win in the coming season or will the Bavarians will them all or not any under Pep Guardiola?

Can they do it again? Can they win the CL again?
Heres a video..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRj65JiF6…

Two weeks from today on Saturday July 27th Bayern Munich travel to Iduna Signal Stadium in Dortmund to play Borussia Dortmund in a rematch of the UEFA Champions League for the German Super Cup.
Myself I am just ready for some real football so who will win the German Super Cup?

Bayern actually won 4 titles, cups or trophies last year but the treble is winning the domestic trophy Bundesliga, the National competition which is the German Cup and the UEFA Champions League Title as the champions of Europe. So will Bayern win back to back Trebles?

Bayern Munich are currently Kings of Europe but can they repeat under Pep Guardiola so can they repeat?

I want to know what formation they used because it looks very productive and strange.

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