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Or is it a silent protest ?
You all hoped to see the 100m final when you entered your credit card details on the farcical Olympic ticketing system !
Never mind, Yaya will be in London soon.

I seen this a lot, but I don’t know why they do it. When Balotelli scored the goal against Germany in Euro 2012, they covered his mouth. Why do they do that?

Oh, because I would LOVE to work in a really butch profession like working on cars, being around those sweaty, hairy mens, just dudes hanging out together and being totally straight, all lubed up and working around all that chrome and leather interiors! Let me tell you, sisters, I feel myself turning straight just thinking about it! Or maybe I could be a FOOTBALL player! I want to be a tight end, and have them big, brawny guys just TRY to get into my end zone! Sweetie, I want to go get a GIRL, and help her get her makeup just fabulous, with big teased hair, and peek-a-boo sweater, and take her out on a DATE, especially some place exotic, like a steamy bath house, where those hot honchos oil themselves up and get down and dirty! In the water, I mean, to scrub all that musky man-scent clean! I imagine me handing my towel to my date, and jumping in the water with all the other straight men! Oh, I’m about to faint thinking about it! I have to click my ruby shoes and skip down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City, where I’ll ask the wizard for my heterosexuality! IS IT TRUE? CAN I REALLY BE STRAIGHT????

What Mouth Piece Should I Get?

Im going to be playing football next year and we are conditioning right now. What type of mouthpiece should i get? I have braces top and bottom. Should i get the top and bottom braces mouthpiece? (strapped or no strap?) or should i get just the top because when I used to play football, i only had the top mouth piece but thats when i didnt have braces.

About a year ago , I got in a fight with one of my football teammates and there were no punches throw bust he straddled my back while I was on the floor stomach down and he inserted his fingers on the corners of my mouth and them apart so my mouth was being stretched open. I tried to retaliate but clenching my mouth muscles to close and eventually his fingers slipped out. The fight ended up being broken up but ever since he stretched my mouth like that, there has been inflammation around the mouth where the orbicularis oris is located. The day it happened I remember a muscle on the right side of my mouth was KILLING me and the inflammation and swelling started and its been a year now and it hasn’t stopped. There was no bleeding, there are no ulcers or lacerations. When ever I Talk or laugh or use my mouth muscles for an extended period of time it burns and feels heavy and I feel a muscle in either side of the mouth (feels like a strand) that has a sharp pain. I have been looking up possible injures and I was most fimiliar with trumpet and wind instrument players who rupture the orbicularis oris due to over usage and eventually a rupture. Because my OO was stretched and I tried to use it, is there a chance that I might have ruptured mine? I have gone to a oral surgeon but I lied and said I got hit by a football because I didn’t want my dad to know I got in a fight and he said a HIT by a football would damage nerve endings and make the pain and swelling permanent up but he said a muscle rupture from trauma would be fixable through surgery.
Does anyone know if my orbicularis oris is ruptured ? And If so can it be fixed after being ignored for a year ? Ive tried icing , ibuprofen ; neither helped. I also have TMJ so can that be the cause?
Please help me as I’m only 16 and I don’t wanna feel mouth pain and see my swollen mouth in the mirror for the rest of my life.
I will send pictures if needed. Thank you!

i got hit in the face pretty hard already and a team mate chipped his tooth so im seeing bout getting one should i . will it be harder to communicate with my team.

“I will not make the mouth with the coach so that it puts to me with the wall cupboard”, released the Marseilles attacker Andre-Pierre Gignac in press conference. The old Toulouse one spoke with its trainer, Didier Deschamps, with his return of London, after having seen its loan with Fulham failing the last moment. “I am volcanic, I am proud, but I will not make the mouth with the coach so that it puts to me with the wall cupboard”, Gignac declared, which hopes well to find a place of holder to the OM

Souleymane Diawara makes its self-criticism after its 45 minutes against Toulouse (2-2) which were worth to him to leave to the pause. In a maintenance with Provence, the Senegalese defender ensures that his relations with Didier Deschamps will not suffer from it, after a tended beginning of the week. “It is not because the coach replaced me that I will make him the mouth (sic), said Diawara to the Marseilles daily newspaper.

The Uruguyan attacker of the Italian club of Palermo, Abel Hernandez, was directed at the exit of the drive Wednesday evening.

Chewing Tobacco And Mouth Cancer?

I’ve been dipping tobacco since the start of 2010 football season. i’ve been progessing on how many tins i go through a week from the start it was slow maybe a tin a week. some weeks i wouldnt dip at all. now i got through about 2 tins a week but still some weeks of no dip. but recently about 4 days ago i noticed an annoying little white dot on the thing that hold my tongue down and about 3/4 of it is white. im worried it might be cancer. but then i hear people that dip for many years and dont have cancer so that releaves me but i still wanna make sure its nothing serious. please help

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