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Paris Saint-Germain coach Carlo Ancelotti has insisted his side’s focus remains on Montpellier for now, despite the prospect of a Champions League quarter-final against Barcelona on the horizon.
Nevertheless, the Italian trainer is likely to field his strongest possible side, as they aim to pull further clear at the top of the Ligue 1 table as we enter the final phase of the season.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic was cleared to play in Tuesday’s game by Uefa, and he’ll also start against the champions on Friday evening, with Lucas Moura set to recover from the ankle problem he suffered three weeks ago against Nancy.

The offensive medium ground of Montpellier Geoffrey Dernis will be inalienable for approximately four weeks following a lesion with the left calf contracted with the drive. Dernis, player experienced 30 years, was essential this season like a holder of the team of Rene Girard and registered two goals

Nicolas Maurice-Belay, the medium ground of Bordeaux, did not take share, Tuesday morning with the collective drive for displacement in Nice for the 10th day of L1.Aucune explanation could not be given on the absence of the ex-Sochalien, one of the players more for the Of Gironde ones who had before taken part in a meeting of jogging in wood close relations of the center of drive of Haillan.Outre the international ones retained by their respective selections, Brazilian Henrique, wounded with the knee at the time of a drive Wednesday, and Jussiê, which suffers from a plantar aponévrose of the left foot since the tie (2-2) against Montpellier, on September 24, missed also drive. Of Bordeaux, which remains on a success (2-1) on Angers (L2) in friendly match with goals of Anthony Modeste and David Bellion, of which it was the first establishment since its return of Nice where it had been lent in the course of last season, will move Saturday (21h00) at the stage of Ray for the next day of L1.

After the tie torn off in Bordeaux (2-2), the trainer of Montpellier Rene Girard denounced a “parody of football” on behalf of his players.

Bordeaux passed beside its second victory of the season by conceding no one vis-a-vis Montpellier (2-2) at the time of the 9th day of L1. The Of Gironde ones thought of having made hardest by Diabaté (18th) and Ciani (49e) but Belhanda (88e) and Hiltons (90e) tore off a point.

Francis Gillot did not mask its disappointment after the cruel end of match from Bordeaux vis-a-vis Montpellier (2-2). Francis Gillot (trainer of Bordeaux): “On the level of the result, it is disappointing. One all is disappointed, even more than in Toulouse because there, one made 90 good minutes.

The central defender of Montpellier Vitorino Hilton, spared this week because of a crutch to the thigh, will be able to hold his place against Bordeaux, at the time of the 9th day of L1.Après shingling it demolished in Mosson in front of the PSG (0-3), the trainer Rene Girard should operate two changes. The side right Cyril Jeunechamp and the attacker Souleymane Camara should respectively compensate Garry Bocaly and Geoffrey Dernis. The leader of play Younès Belhanda, obviously seized up, is dubious.

Two supporters of Paris-SG were placed as a police custody Saturday in Montpellier to have sent the smoke-producing ones on the lawn of Mosson after some of the Parisian goals. These smoke-producing had led the referee to stop the meeting.

Antoine Kombouaré was said “filled” by the victory from Paris in Montpellier (0-1), “a good performance”, for which he “congratulates” his players. Even if its team is “only with the whole beginning of the way”, prevents it. “What satisfies me more it is the victory

Thanks to a goal of doubled Gameiro and one of Pastore, Paris was essential on Montpellier (0-3) Saturday, at the time of the 8th day of League 1.

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