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1. michael turner
2. drew brees
3. lagarrette blount
4. marques colston
5. knowshon moreno
6. pierre garcon
7. benjarvus green-ellis
8. deion branch
9. sam bradford
10. san diego
11marcedes lewis
12robert meachem
13jonathan baldwin
14 heath miller
15. dan carpenter

Why is no one fighting for the SPL when Liverpool and Arsenal fans can openly mock the standard of Scotlands best football teams?
Come on my fellow Scots lets show the Arsenal lasses and them Liverpool fans how proudwe are of our scotland.
Will Arsenal fair as well as Rangers?

Round 1 – Arian Foster/RB
Round 2 – Dwayne Bowe/WR
Round 3 – Matt Forte/RB
Round 4 – Marques Colston/WR
Round 5 – Brandon Lloyd/WR
Round 6 – Sam Bradford/QB
Round 7 – Marcedes Lewis/TE
Round 8 – New Orleans Defense
Round 9 – Garret Harley/K
Round 10 – C.J. Spiller/RB
Round 11 – Tim Tebow/QB
Round 12 – Dustin Keller/TB
Round 13 – Anthony Armstrong/WR
Round 14 – James Starks/RB
Round 15 – Bilal Powell/RB
This is only my 3rd year doing fantasy football and im only 16.
How did I do?????????????????

Fantasy Football Mock Draft?

10 teams..(round in parentheses)
Matt Schaub (HOU – QB) (5)
Chris Johnson (TEN – RB) (1)
Steven Jackson (STL – RB) (3)
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI – WR) (2)
Jeremy Maclin (PHI – WR) (4)
Anquan Boldin (BAL – WR) (6)
Owen Daniels (HOU – TE) (8)
Garret Hartley (NO – K) (13)
Dallas Cowboys (DAL – DEF) (14)
Josh Freeman (TB – QB) (10)
Jonathan Stewart (CAR – RB) (7)
Marshawn Lynch (SEA – RB) (11)
Pierre Garcon (IND – WR) (9)
Julio Jones (ATL – WR) (12)
Randy Moss (TEN – WR) (15)
How can I improve to have a better team when it is the real deal?

not a phone

Your Opinion On A Ya Mock Draft?

Another guy named DB-C asked this earlier about having a mock draft kind of thing in the football section. All the users pick who they would if they were the GM of each team in the draft order, then vote on the draft pick that they like best. If more than one user says the same player, vote for both of them, its votes for each player, not user. After an hour, the votes for all players are counted, and the one with the most is taken off the board and considered drafted. For example, the first would be for the Panthers. Everyone is available. Lets say 3 guys say Patrick Peterson, 3 guys say Blaine Gabbert, 2 guys say Marcell Dareus. If Peterson gets 5 votes, Gabbert gets 4, Dareus gets 2, then Peterson is considered drafted, and is the only one not available for the Broncos pick, and this continues for all 32 teams. It would be like 2 or 3 teams a night for a couple weeks. My question is, would this be worth doing, would you participate? I think it would be much more worthwhile than Kool Aids march madness, its actually football related.

Panthers- Nick Fairley: postion: DT: Reason: After Peppers left the d line was terriblle. they have a good offensive line and good DB. Other possible pick: AJ Green Steve Smith might not be back so there looking for a good WR. Mark Ingram LISTEN! there running back will not come back the panthers were dumb enough not to put a tag on him.
Broncos: De’quan Bowers: reason: Bailey is coming back so the only position to fill is d-line: Other Picks: NONE the Broncos are pretty good they just had a stupid owner.
Bills: Cam Newton: reason: They said there eyeing QB’s so why the hell woldnt you take him.
Bengals: AJ Green: reason: T.O. and Ocho are aging so they need to get some else. other picks: Marcell Dareus is a beast and the Bengals defense line is bad. Ryan Mallet may be drafted in the second round if Palmer doesnt come back.
Arizona: Von Miller: reason: hes beast why wouldnt you draft him.
Browns: Marcell Dareus:reason: If AJ Greens not around they will probably draft Marcell
49ers: Patrick Peterson:reason: 49ers are good they just need help in CB and no they wont draft Blaine Gabbert Coach Harbough said he liked Alex Smith.
Titans: Kerry Collins probably will come back if not they might get Mccnabb but right now there probably gonna get Robbert Qinn:reason: They need a d line man and Quinn is beast.
Cowboys: Tyron Smith OT: reason: They need to portect Romo
Redskins: Blaine Gabbert:reason: They need a good QB: other choices: Julio Jones: Gabe Carimi: Prince Amukamara: J.J. Watt
Comment and tell me your team and i will give you full mock draft and reasons and sorry i was late to ppl who saw my original my laptop broke so star this and i will make a new one next week. Comment below on thoughs i will put into consideration and please star i have combined many drafts like Kipers and Mcshay. Good websites are walter football nfldraft.com etc once again please comment below on what you think and opinions i might make one after combine but probably not so tune in next friday and subscribe to me on youtube and post this mock draft next on youtube next firday my name is ELITExFOOD.

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