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AC Milan vs Barcelona
Barcelona-AC Milan
AC Milan – Bayern
Bayern – AC Milan
AC Milan-Bayern
AC Milan-Real Madrid
Real Madrid-AC Milan
score predictions , please in your opinion . And can AC Milan win UEFA Champions League in 2013-2014 , or 2014-2015 ?

When AC Milan win UEFA Champions League , When return best team in the world ? AC Milan future in more detalied .

AC Milan future in 2-3 years in UEFA Champions League and Serie A – and AC Milan present in 2013-2014 in UEFA Champions League and Serie A , more detalied for AC Milan in future and present in your opinion , but opinion is realistic and really .

I Think :
4.Man Utd
5.AC MIlan
9.Man City / PSG
10.PSG / Man City
And when AC Milan finish in UEFA Champions League 2013-2014 ? What do you think about AC Milan in active season , what can win , what can in UEFA Champions League , when can win UEFA Champions League AC Milan this season-2-3- years ? And what do think you think future for AC Milan in few years ?

AC Milan future in 1-2 years predicitons , in UCL and Serie A ?

yes, they are rebuilding, they have balotelli and el shawaary.
it goes in cycles, soon ac milan will be seen as favourites/one of the best in europe.

I sure hope so!!! That’s my team, as long as they stay healthy I don’t see why not.

2nd in their group and eliminated in the first round.

Who can give me more details because I did not understand depsre what it is, and they will again dominate football and AC Milan will win UEFA Champons League, because I did not understand, who can give me more details?

They were one of the best teams in the Italian league now they are getting beat comfortable by teams they should be beating.

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