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Ok so prob about year ago I was a Right end for Defense on my schools football team.I already had club foot so football wasn’t really good for my foot at all. Anyways after a injury to my foot my doc told me I cant play nay more,or I may have to go into surgery.So I haven’t played for awhile.For about a year I had horrible pains in my foot and slight pains in my knee.With my knee I thought it was just my foot being off balance or something like that and never thought much of it.Now my knee hurts pretty bad .It also Clicks ,no not like the every now in again popping like your fingers do it clicks when I bend it. Then I began looking at pics,and looking back at football games. I played for about 3 years and I thought of all the hits I had taken to this knee. The last hit I took was when this kid pulled a ill eagle move to my knee witch ended my football life forever.

My Football Jersey Is Messed Up?

My dumb maid put my jersey in with all my regular clothes and put tthem in the dryer too with all my regular clothes and its a raiders jersey with the raider logos on the arms. Now there are the little holes in the logo all over and the numbers look worse. The little holes are in the raiders logo pic( the holes that are the design to the jersey sunk into the logo and now there are holes all over the raider pirates face)
How do i fix it? Should i yell at my maid? Tell her not to wah anything without my permissin or something?

When i shoot aiming with the cursor keys earlier shots used to be on target and now they r hardly on target if i press shoot + up the shot used to go in the right corner but now it goes to the corner flag i tried with shoot + up and left arrow keys together but then still it goes off target
I cant even score from easy shots..
Please help guys

So a while ago started going out with a girl that I am now in love with. In the beginning of the relationship we saw each other a lot because we really liked each other. After about 10 days into the relationship my friend wanted to hang out so I was like “okay let’s go to the skate park so I can go hang out with my bro. At the end of the day he was like we should hang out tomorrow and I was “I can’t I’m seeing my girlfriend”, he was like “oh so you don’t have a time for a brother anymore?” I felt bad, but was like whatever man. I saw him a few more times that summer, but not as much as I should have. Football started at my school and he joined, but I didn’t want to because I wanted to hang out with my girlfriend. Anyway he met someone else in football and started hanging out with them. I didn’t really care until school started and I found out out he found a new bro. I want my bro back, what do I do?

Ok so I really messed it up with this girl . . .?
I was/am friends with this gorgeous, attractive girl. We became really close, kinda flirty, we always teased each other in classes we shared and when we met, she texted me about her favourite show, I texted her about films she should watch. There was some talk about how we should hit it off, from my friends, hers and even just standard people. Stuff along the lines of “You considered dating X?” from guys and “You’re really getting into that, you gonna make a move?” as examples from two guys I know, but am not close friends with. We shared two classes and were both applying for the same subject at university; both this fact and the application process for this particular subject brought us closer together.
Anyway, we went on this school trip to an island; some guys were kicking a football around, but I suggested basketball, so me and my best friend went off to set up the court and grab the ball from the reception of the hostel where we were staying. This girl overhears and immediately wants to come along. It ended up with a load of our friends playing and me boosting her up so she could make a slam dunk like I could do normally. During this match I heard her best friend mention to mine something about us making a good couple within my earshot, and having a minor discussion, however when I approached and asked them what they were talking about they both said it was nothing important. But then somehow this rumor spread that I was really into her, that maybe we were on the cusp of going out. To tell you the truth, I got scared, especially about what such a relationship might entail for our friendship, and moved to quash it. On the boat ride home, my friend said I had a really good chance, upon which I told him not to mention it again because although she was not unattractive I don’t like Asians – this girls ethnic group. This may have been the first mistake.
Time passed, we remained good friends. I thought about what had happened on the trip a fair amount. Then one time, we were working on, lets say individual projects for the university application process. Myself and her worked really closely, helping each other with the project. She even bought me chocolate for helping her out. I was in a bad place at that time with school work and may have taken more from her project than I should have, point is it ended up looking a lot like hers. Everybody saw this; I changed it but the damage was already done. The big mistake.
Our relationship at this point is somewhat more distant. I’ve tried to apologize but could never find the words and I think I’ve done an indescribable amount of hurt and damage to this lovely girl. She still invites me to stuff with her, like some clubs and celebrations, her table for the leavers ball at school, we wish each other happy birthday, but it’s different. Like there’s a rift or a void separating us from having the fun we used to have. One of my good friends’ at a party recently quoted that everybody in a certain class we shared thought something more would have come of it, and that’s just brought the memories flooding back. Do I still have a chance to at least make this right and undo what I did wrong?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ok so personally i feel im a real living brething example of a “guy”. Im a football player, im so-so in school, i dream about girls, and i strongly believe that i am ready for sex. And i hav made attemps in the past to get it, but failed and i see my error there. Now im 14 and it should be normal, but the thing is idk if i want it too much. But thats not my problem. The problem is, if i get the chance should i go for it? Am i too young? O and do girls still like big penises? Cuz im black (dont worry ur allowed to laugh at that) and btw in my case the stereotype is true and dont critisize me for being proud of my racial background…anyways thats as far as ill go cuz well this aint no dating site!!!

god knows whats wrong with my fifa, i go on exhibition match, play with manchester city, and every player has a random foreign name, carlos tevez is called ‘carlos thornton’ or something like that, does anyone else have the same problem?

I have very loose joints. i played football with all my guy friends, which put a lot of pressure on my ankle. I am doing a dance for a church show so i’ve had a lot of pressure on it and now when i run i get a shooting pain in my ankle for like 30 sec. and it keeps doing that over and over. I have had an ankle brace on but whats wrong with it and how can i get it better. it hasn’t been swelling. just painful… whats wrong with it cause ik this is common but it hurts so bad and i need it to be all better for fri. sat. and sun. cause thats when the shows are…

Ok so about a week ago when I was playing football, I remember taking a hit and landing on my left side. I noticed pain, but it eventually went away the next day. I stayed home from school for two days in a row after that, so I couldn’t of done anything to strain the rib. Then since I have 1st period weight training, the first thing I start doing is benching. After two sets I immediately feel the pain on my left side again, and it was hurting more then it did that previous Monday. Now the pain is minor, but still irritating. Then when I do squats, I wear the support belt right on my rib, and I feel no pain whatsoever, and I was squatting an easy 315.
Whats a way to tell if its damage to my rib, or just a pulled muscle?
If it is a rib problem, what should I do to subdue the pain more?
If its a pulled muscle, what kind of stretching can I do to ease it?

I really want to get into West Point Academy, but I messed up badly freshman year. My grades were as follows…
Note: I’m going to put a dash before the letters to split the classes and grades (ex. Biology – D) it doesn’t mean the grade is a minus.
Semester 1:
1. Biology – D
2. Algebra – F
3. English Honors – F
4. Spanish – F
5. Computer Tech – C
6. Football – A
Semester 2:
1. Biology – F
2. Algebra – F
3. English Honors – F
4. Spanish – F
5. Choir – C
6. Off-Season Football – F
It was horrible, I know I’m not an idiot. I’m just really lazy, all my teachers have told me I’m a genius but my laziness will bring me down.
Now its my sophmore year and I’m doing considerably better.
0. Biology – F (but I’m getting it up to a C before semester ends)
1. Algebra – A
2. English – A or B
3. AP European History – F (I’ll go to summer school I guess)
4. Spanish – B+ (I’ll get it to an A before semester ends)
5. Top/Show Choir – A
6. Cross Country – A
Have I messed up any chances I had of going to West Point? What can I do to make up all that I’ve messed up? Can I? And how do I prepare for SAT’S? I’m really nervous about those. And I want to make sure I do my absolute best.
Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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