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would u mind if celtic came into the english premier legue if not why and if so why

So my ex boyfriend puts a status on fb “It’s better that you know I still got it for ya”
I know it’s song, but he never puts posts like that. He always talks about football or other things in life about work etc etc & that song btw he wouldn’t listen too, he’s more of a rap guy.

Was that FA’s message to Barcelona? Yes.
April 6th 2012. Mastermind of UEFA Michel Platini is drinking his Pinot Noir, and is approached by Sepp Blatter. Mr. Blatter made an interesting proposition. Barcelona may include a referee and a ballboy in their thirteen man squad. Chelsea may have two linesmen of their choice. Sepp accepted the challenge. Under their new playmaker, Chelsea allowed Juan Mata to play as a forward. The linesmen also ensured Branislav Ivanovic scored. Rumour has it that Victor Valdez is being rested ahead of their La Liga tie to allow reserve goalie Tom Henning ovrebo to play.

Like if you went to a football game and everyone pulled down their pants and there was a letter on each butt cheek of each person that made a message or saying, some people also do this on their chest, is this actually called something that you could Google and find multiple pictures of it?

Can I Send Yahoo A Message?

I have a really great story they would be interested in i know for sure. Can I e-mail it to them?
If you are interested ill post it on the Question.
2 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Vidor scores 28 points in win for fallen teammate Matt Thomas
Posted: 10/22/2011 11:05 AM
The Vidor football team ran out of its inflatable tunnel with the fight song playing in the background on Friday night. Everything felt normal until the music suddenly stopped.
The team halted its run at the 28-yard line, took a knee and remembered No. 28, Matt Thomas, their teammate who died on Sunday. He was hit by a train.
The Pirates’ first game without Thomas finished as a 28-15 win over Beaumont Central.
Sammy Hampshire, Thomas’ stepfather who he called “Dad”, led the team out of the tunnel, carrying the black and gold flag with a skull and crossbones on it.
Hampshire was a varsity letterman for Vidor from 1994-’95, but this was his first time carrying the flag.
“It feels great to be a part of my son’s team,” Hampshire said.
Hampshire addressed the players as they knelt at the 28-yard line.
The crowd went silent.
“Put the points on the board and at the end we’ll c
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There’s this girl that I have liked for I’ve a year now. Before school started, I told her on FB I have a crush on her (I did this for an LMS thing she ‘liked’). Anyway since school started she gave me signs. Then last Tuesday, her friend Alex told her I don’t like her anymore and since then she (Jenny) stopped giving me signs. I overheard them. Ever since then she stopped giving me signs and I think ignoring me (and not replying to my messages, which she would seldom do before).
* Also, I think she knows I’ve been trying to ask her out. A couple of times actually I’ve told her I want to tell her something and that I’ll “tell you tomorrow” and she would always say “kayy” but I would never tell her, but she would still give me signs. But after Last Tuesday I told her again and she was like “whatever floats your boat budddy”.
We’re both 15.
Our convo last night:
Me:  Hey Jenny  
How’s your 4 day weekend?
Her: wasuuuup. and its sooooooo borng omg
Me: Same here. I looking forward to it but damn it’s boring a.f. 
I honestly wanna go back to school lol. 
So what did you do all weekend?
Me: * I was looking–
Me: and how come you don’t play soccer in gym? 
her: Cause i dont lke sweatingggg
and smellng llike grasss
Me: Ohh; me too. I always end up falling whenever I would play lol XD
and I ending up smelling like grass.
and Jenny my bad if I’ve been a litttlle shy…
* When I said “Hey” she replied 7 minutes later. And after I replied to her reply she didn’t reply so I sent another message (as you can see).
Is it okay if I message her this: “Can we talk tomorrow? This time I wanna tell you something, Real talk.”.

The international one of Bayern Munich Bastian Schweinsteiger sent a video message of encouragement to the team of Germany engaged in the Euro-2011 of basketball in Lithuania, bring back Friday the German mediae. “If you reach that point, I invite you all to follow a match in Allianz Arena (stage of Bayern), and of course you will choose the match. Give to bottom”, promises the vice-captain of the national team in her message.

How Do You Send A Message In Fifa 11?

Need to know how you send a message when you’re selecting your team and after the match.

Should I Message Him?

background info: i had posted the question “why hasnt he added me on facebook” heres the background history: went to a national sports tournament this weekend and met this guy on the soccer team from the same city as me at my hotel. we talked on the elevator one night with his brother, they noticed my toe nails (laker colours) and then i talked to him alone the next night on the elevator. we told each other our names. my friend had a bbm convo with him the next night and told him she knew a girl who talked just like him. he asked what her name was and my friend told him my name. he said he thinks me met me on the elevator and that i was a laker fan from what he remembers. so why hasnt he added me on fbook yet? the tournament ended on sunday, and hes been back since monday morning. its been 3 days now. should i add him? if so, when? this week? next week? tonight? next month?
alright so last night he commented on one of my fbook friends statuses, it was a really funny comment. i saw him post it a min after he did, some girl had already liked it. so i liked it and immediately sent him a friend request. cause it makes sense right? he hasnt accepted yet, so hes obvs playing a game cause who posts a comment then exits facebook immediately? no one. anyways my next question is, if he doesnt personally msg me (which i dont think he will) should i msg him?

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