ve been speaking to this guy for 4months online , we ended up talking randomly in this university forum. We both happened to apply for the same one. We’ve been speaking everyday for the past few months. We tell each other everything and have spoken about so much movies , fears, goals, family , what we want to do after university , travelling and football what he likes. We have so much in common we used to send at least 7/8 messages to each other a day. He’s said to me that he doesn’t have much in common with his friends and weird that we have so much in common and get on so well. Over the past month the messages haven’t been as much maybe only 2 a day or 1 every other day. But he still tells me everything hes up to , and things that happen at work . I was meant to go to the same uni as him and I told him I;m not sure if I’ll be there and I think he was a little upset I might not and agreed we could meet in the summer . I think he still likes me it’s just we don’t talk as much. He always uses smileys in his message winks and happy smileys. Does he still like me? even though our chats aren’t as long or frequent but still tells me everything going on in his life. Is it just that we were at the getting to know each other stage and now we’re past that and he doesn’t need to talk to me as much? We always joke with each other about how we know each other so well. He remembers things I’ve told him , and brings it up sometimes. He always asks my day is and likes to know , what I’ve been doing. An he seems interest and joke sometimes. He seems like a caring guy. He says he likes me asking him random questions.We just tell each other everything and have a good connection.He told me how his families gone away for the week and hes got the house to himself but couldn’t go as he had to work and last week how he had to look after his sisters pets. He lives in england me ireland. We don’t talk as often maybe every other day now 2/3 messages some days a. Should I ask him why we don’t talk as much?What should I say? He hasn’t replied in 4days maybe he ended up going away in the end?He still seems interested