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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad, also known informally as London 2012, began in London, United Kingdom, on 27 July and will continue until 12 August 2012.
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Fixture Details
London Olympic 2012 all game
Day 10-
05.08.2012 (Sunday) (Local Time)
11:00 – 14:00 Women’s Marathon Final
19:00 – 19:33 Women’s 400m Hurdles Round 1
19:05 – 20:57 Men’s High Jump Qualification
19:35 – 21:00 Women’s Triple Jump Final Medal event
19:45 – 20:02 Men’s 100m Semi-finals
20:15 – 20:32 Men’s 1500m Semi-finals
20:20 – 21:40 Men’s Hammer Throw Final Medal event
20:40 – 21:02 Men’s 400m Semi-finals
21:10 – 21:11 Women’s 400m Final Medal event
21:25 – 21:34 Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Final Medal event
21:50 – 21:51 Men’s 100m Final

anyone from india who is participating in Marathon at London Olympics 2012.

Im Going To Run A Marathon?

the marathon is in exactly a year and i have set my goal as finishing it sub 4hrs.
i started tonight with a 8km run (not much i know!)
from any runners, i need advice.
should i see a doctor before i start training??
how do i strengthen my lower back?
how often and how far should i run (i play football, so i am a little above average fitness lol)
diet wise, what should i do??

Hello – I am a complete novice to marathon running.
I normally run 5k just for fun, but would like to add extra meaning to my runs.
I currently play football on a Sunday, so running on Sundays and Mondays are not possible.
I play to practice hills on a Tuesday. Running 6k up and down a 1k long hill near my house.
Wednesdays I will run my normal 5k, upping it every other week to another 2k.
Thursdays I intend on having a rest day.
Fridays I will do sprint training. Sprinting then jogging, then repeat for the entire 5k route.
Saturdays I intend on doing a repeat run of the one I do on Wednesdays.
I would like to do a half marathon in late July (3 months) – do you think ill be ready?

I wonder who’ll win

I heard it wasn’t much

I am running the NYC marathon on Sunday and I am stressing on getting to the start. I am scheduled to be at the Staten Island Ferry at 7:30. I am staying in Greenpoint and I was wondering if anyone else is staying in that area and what their plan to get to the start is.
I’m getting nervous/excited/scared…anyone with me?

so i was just wondering who has a chance of winning…on both sides on the marathon in nyc tomorrow. i’m going to watch for the first time and i’m not all that familiar with marathoners.
also, is ryan hall running this year?

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