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I have admitted to attend the 12 th international masters in tourism management in MIB school of management Trieste Italy with 40%grant and I am looking for a sponsor for the rest . The university ask me to pay 3,630 euro in October 8,2012.but I can’t pay that much money now at this time would you mined to help me how to gate a sponsor.

So im looking for a rather specific game, if you’v ever played FM, or Career Mode on Fifa 11 or 12, then that’s the sort of game i’m after.
So i want it to be single player (Perhaps online)
You can manage any team or create your own
Buy and sell players
Players change ratings
Additional features such as press conferences or watching games

Not the kit number, there is a number on the right had side for each player and it changes according to their position, but if it’s based on their ability to play in that chosen position then it’s messed up because there are some ridiculous ones where a left back plays brilliant upfront but rubbish at left back, that sorta thing.

I am not able to pick my substitutes for this fifa 12 add-on online. In the online tournament before the game when I go into team management I have 12 subs but in the middle of the game I only have 5 and they are all backs….. and this is after I altered the first 5 of 12 subs in team management before I started the online match. I am wondering does anybody else face this problem as well or how do I fix it??

In spite of the tie conceded vis-a-vis Sochaux (2-2), the trainer inhabitant of Lille Rudy Garcia paid a homage supported to his players. “When you play 40 minutes with 10, three days after a match of League of the champions and by having a ball of 3-2 at the end of the match, it is a real performance.

I love this game, and even completed a number of seasons just a few weeks ago. I’ve played Championship Manager 01/02, and really enjoyed the simplicity of that game too. After playing Football Manager 2006 and 2008, I can’t say I particularly enjoyed playing either of them, so I was just wondering if there’s a football manager game anytime between now and a few years ago that is similiar in simplicity to Championship Manager 03/04?

I have always been an LMA Manager fan due to the games depth as well as having 3D match simulator. However I cant play LMA Manager 2007 forever since they are no longer continuing the franchise. I am aware of other managing games such as Football Manager, Championship Manager and FIFA Manager. Are any of these games available for Xbox360? Are any new games coming out for 2012?

Jean-Marie Lawniczak was elected Tuesday chair High ranking authority, groups of 20 members representing the “families” of football (players, trainers, referees, doctors…), which has a power to control of the management of the French federation of football (FF). The High ranking authority is a new component of federal operation born from the reforms and elections of June 18. Mr

Turns FC was retrogressed in National by the National management of the Control of Management (DNCG) of the LFP, but the club will appeal and is shown “trustful”. “We were retoqués by the DNCG for minor problems of balance of the accounts but we will make call of the decision”, commented on Mr. Sebag, president of Turns FC since 2003.

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