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all my friends play it and have no life and our obssessed with it whenever a new fifa comes out?
is it like manager mode but you manage a team and play your friends
what is the point of coins? why not just call it pounds like manager mode?
i might start FUT if its worth it once the new fifa 14 comes out is it possible for me to beat my mates who pay for coins?
what are gold silver bronze teams?

My brother is Real Madrid fan and he is 22 years old, he told me if Real Madrid makes it to the final Champions League he will take me, and I told him if Real Betis makes it to the final Europa League we’re going to Europa League. So if Real Madrid or Real Betis makes it to the final we’re going, if not then we are not going … I already have 200 save up and now I got a job so I need to get at least 1000 .
So you guys are willing to travel all the way to Portugal, if Real Madrid or Barcelona makes it to the final UEFA Champions League?

Chelsea were the first defending UCL champion ever to be knocked out of the group stage so how far do you think the Blues will go this year?

Notice I said “not”, although if you just want to list every team that you think will qualify, go for it.

they need to try hard, but not as hard as barcelona

Im 18 as of january 23rd 2013 , i was a all star for my soccer team at age 9-12 , i scored all the goals i knew tricks that the kids couldnt do , my team was only beaten by two teams at the time of my u9-u12 which was galaxy and america united , they have great players , players of my skill level back then , unfortunalety im african american i was good but had a mind of a child i dindt like being the only black person on the field , but now ihave started playing again as of age 17 , i still have my talent after 6 years of no play time , out of my maybe 7 games played i scored 4 goals , and these guys have taken no breaks in between the soccer years , i know i had a passion for soccer because i was good *** **** as a kid and knew nothing about soccer , i just knew i liked chivas cause i heard all the latinos speaking about them other then that i knew no players teams anything i didnt even know you could make it in soccer at such a young age for instance “freddy adu” i didnt occur to me until i noticed a friend of mind “RAUL MENDIOLA” he plays for la galaxy academy now u19 , hes extremely good as **** always been very techinqual and we were on the same team for my child years , i knew he would always make it and i promise you hes gunna make it , one of the most techinqual players i ever met in my life , besides the fact now im gunna go to college , im not askign for your advice because i know my skill and my talents im capable of making it i have the will and im strong minded starters never quit , so im just asking your opinion since i lack knowledge of the soccer leagues now , im gunna play community , then maybe switch to a university . do d3 colleges get scouted ever , or if im just good enough will the hype spread ? because i want to play for a living , even if it not uefa premiere . i LOVE SOCCER , i aspire to be like ronaldo , MY QUESTION IS AT AGE 18 CAN I MAKE IT TO A LEAGUE WITH MY SKILL , AND IF SO DO I HAVE TIME LEFT TO TRAIN FOR ABOUT A GOOD YEARS ?

I think this is their time to shine since now they have the perfect squad hard to defeat, featuring Beckham and Ibrahimovic.

Spain, England, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Sweden.
These teams qualify very good and are great at defeating opponents easily, even though they still lose (except for Spain as of 2012 they are playing their games undefeated now ;) ).

i think its going to be tough after he missed a penalty and performed averagely vs england

they’ll be the team with the most round of 16 exits constructive xD
1994-eliminated by bulgaria at r16
1998-eliminated by germany at r16
2002-eliminated by USA at r16
2006-eliminated by argentina at r16
2010-eliminated by argentina at r16
2014-history for mexico

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