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I havent been keeping up with soccer, can anybody tell me the upcoming games for Mexico?
BQ: When does the Confederations Cup start?

Because lazy Indians are obsessed with ******* cricket and IPL.
Start supporting football,hockey,athletics……

I feel that the London Olympic celebrations sent out the wrong message with this:

I disagree with this advice. It stinks of the herd.
We learn in ‘The Birth of Tragedy’ that the Greeks found their inspiration from gazing down into the abyss. That is how the Olympian Gods were born and the magnificent creations in art, architecture, philosophy and science.
Zarathustra: “I love the down-goers for they are the over-goers and the ones that shoot for the highest and brightest stars.”

it for a project and i just want to get some ideas i promise i won’t copy. so what would it look like and why you chose it, i’m thinking a cute little big ben statue with huge puppy dog eyes naww
so what would u do ?

will have.
The East End of London turned into a paradise.
The olympic games has just been used to justify the cost of re-generating the east end of london. and lottery money has gone to pay for it…
And who is going to look after and pay for maintaining the olympic park after the games?
We are going to get a 3000 acre industrial site where i live, and we will not have this olympic park and venues to enjoy…
If the economy is in a mess then how can they build hundreds of industrial units, and who will use them?

Does anyone know of some Hot Olympic babes that will be in the London 2012 Olympics?
You know the, the kind of sexy girl that can be deemed a Top 10 Sports Babe?

Do you agree?
What improvements would you like in the new game?

Does My Personal Statement Look Okay?

I’m applying to university and want to know if my personal statement sounds okay:
“Hi, my name is Corey-Dale Robinson. I am 19 years old and finished college last year with
A-Level in Physics, a BTEC National Award in Biology and an AS Level in English Language.
After finishing college for the past year I have been looking for full-time work, as I live on
my own due to being alienated from my parents, based on the fact that I am a male-to-female
transsexual. So far my job search has gone unsuccessful, being offered very few interviews for
jobs despite having help from the Job Centre, college, Hallamshire Hospital, Porterbrook
Clinic and Connexions who have all looked over my CV and have aided me in my search for a job.
The only jobs I have managed to acquire are both part-time casual jobs with G4S and Sheffield
Wednesday Football Club in the role of event stewarding. In these roles I have gained an NVQ
Level 2 in Spectator Safety however this is not the career path I want to go down.
Initially, when I applied to college I was wanting to do a degree in astrophysics however I
didn’t acquire the grades required in college and looking around, there are very few
universities near by that offer courses in astrophysics and due to my situation, I didn’t want
to risk losing my home in Sheffield by leaving to study in another city and therefore I
decided to look for full-time work after college.
Recently the idea of going to university and bettering my education has began to appeal to me
again, especially due to the fact that I have passion for mathematics and I have read that
there is presently a shortage in maths teachers, a job role I would find enjoyable and
rewarding which is why I am applying for this foundation year; to build my knowledge of
mathematics up to the necessary level to do a degree in the mathematics and then move on to a
teaching degree after completing my maths degree.
Outside of college, work and looking for work I have been involved in several community
projects including; GLOBAL (Gays, Lesbians and Other Becoming Active Leaders), which was a gay
straight alliance that was a sub-group of Sheffield Youth Council and was primarily aimed at
making the community more LGBT friendly; Sheffield Youth Council, on which I am one of LGBT
Representative and we meet up every Wednesday to discuss city wide issues and finally STAMP, a
mental health action group that aims to end mental health inequality and educate on the
Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I look forward to your response.”
What do you think? Does it look okay?

for 2012 in munich

Haunted by number 13.

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