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Diffrent Dream But Same Location?

Almost every single dream I have is in the same location. Its this place I created in my dreams because iv never been anywhere like it. It’s got a forest, a river, a crater shaped hole in the ground the size of a football field, and a dumpy little town that’s rundown and deserted. Its not a nice place its gloomy and scary. Every dream is different but it’s almost always in this place and idk why?? It’s weirding me out and its been this way for years

I am a huge Saints fan. The only problem is I dont have the NFL access anymore where I decided to wait until next season to get it again. Anyway I live in the San Francisco area of California and they do not have any of the Saints games televised ever. So I was wondering if there are any websites I could go to and watch the football games? This would help me a ton and im a huge fan so please please please! Thank you

When Is World Cup Location Known?

Concerning the organization of the world cup of football (or soccer if you so prefer): when early do we know which country is going to organize it?
For example 2010 was in South Africa, when did the first persons that knew it got the information (i presume after a vote)?
Thank you for your answers

I am wanting a cool check in name for my house. Can you help me think of any?
I love music, football, and I want it to be creative!

Call Arun @ +919560214267.
3C Lotus Sports Village Sector 78-79 Noida
A lifestyle that keeps you sporty.
A location that keeps you in the heart of Noida.
A 180 acres residential complex dedicated to sports at Sector 78-79, Noida.
International standard academies for Golf, Cricket, Boxing, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Atheletics, Hockey, Football and Squash.
10 minutes away from DND Flyway
10 minutes away from Sector 18
Next to Proposed Metro Station
2 minutes away from Lotus Boulevard
Why 3C Sport’s Village:
1) 3C is the only developer in Noida whose projects give fast and good premium.
2) Avg prevailing rates in ready to move in apartments in nearby areas is 6000/sqft.
3) Will definitely be better then any other Sports City in NCR.
4) Price appreciation and construction stage in previously launched projects i.e. Lotus Boulevard, Lotus Panache, Lotus Zing
Tentative Sizes:
2BHK 1100-1200 sqft 4 lac
2 BHK +STUDY 1300-1400 sqft 4.5 lac
3 BHK 1400-1500 sqft 5 lac
3 BHK +STUDY 1900 sqft 6.5 lac
4 BHK 2200 sqft 7.7 lac
4 BHK (big) 2500 sqft 8.5 lac
Tentative Rates:
3500 per/ sqft – 3800 per/sqft

Is This A Bad Location For A Party?

there is this park near my house with a huge forest and a lake. near the road there is a lake that is at the bottom of this hill. a long strip of pavement leads down the hill and into the middle of the lake. just imagine a dead end strip of pavement in the middle of the lake. problem is that there is one house that is right beside the lake, the rest are quite far away. if there is a problem everyone could dip into the forest, which can take you to a football field, two different suburban areas, and another playground basketball court area.
will the noise factor be too much? is there a huge chance someone will call the cops? is this a bad idea?
Additional Details
im having trouble finding a location for my parties, home or a friends house isnt an option.
+ forest jam is alright but its so dirty and muddy and at least half the people would slip and fall into a mud puddle or something.

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