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Author of one doubled vis-a-vis Borisov (0-5), Lionel Messi joined Laszlo Kubala as a second better striker of the history of Barça with 194 achievements. The Argentinian one must still register 42 goals with Barcelona to beat the record held by César Rodriguez (235 goals).

Lionel Messi joined Hernan Crespo with the rank of better Argentinian striker out of Cut of Europe with 39 achievements.

Adil Rami, defender central of Valence and the team of France, recognized Wednesday in a maintenance granted to the daily newspaper El Pais that its technical level “a little just” was likely “to put its club in difficulty”. “I know that I can a little just put the team (Valence) in difficulty because of my technical level.

The selector of Argentina Sergio Batista estimated that the FC Barcelona, of which he had previously said to want to be inspired, “had stolen the historical gasoline of Argentinian football”, Wednesday on sporting television channel ESPN. “I always said that Barça had stolen us the historical gasoline of Argentinian football, it has says.

Diego Maradona gave a vibrating support for Lionel Messi, estimating that one was “very unjust” with him in criticisms and that one did not offer to him enough “options” in the team of Argentina, where Pastore would be invaluable for him, Sunday in the Olé daily newspaper.

The high-speed motorboat of Seleçao, Neymar, did not hide its admiration for Lionel Messi, the star of the team of Argentina. “I am happy that one compares to me with the best player of the world, said the 19 year old attacker. Messi is above everyone

Lionel Messi, after no one vis-a-vis in Bolivia in opening of Copa America (1-1): “They closed behind and we could not enter, it is not it what we expected, we leave sad. Now, we know that the matches which arrive, we must gain them.

Of return in Argentina after having gained the League of the Champions with Barcelona, Lionel Messi would have been attacked in a restaurant of Rosario, bring back several local mediums. After being itself restored in the establishment “El Club of Milanesa”, Messi would have left to take photographs with some fans and to sign autographs when a student would have struck a punch to him

Lionel Messi declared Tuesday, three days after having gained its third League of the champions with the FC Barcelona, that its next objective is to gain with Argentina Copa America which disputes in July in its country. “I arrive with much desire. I had the chance all to gain with Barcelona and also individually.

Cristiano Ronaldo, author of four of the six goals of Real Madrid in Seville (6-2) Saturday at the time of the 35e day, passed by again at the head of the classification of the strikers of the Championship of Spain with 33 goals, that is to say two of more than Lionel Messi, which plays Sunday with the FC Barcelona.

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