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Because fifa 13 wasn’t the same on the vita as the console version is was like fifa 12

What Is Like To Be A Fifa Tester?

Hey guys!I recently found a job at EA games as a QA tester,doing blackbox testing and the project that i was assigned with is FIFA 14 World Cup.Is there anyone out there that could tell me what am i supposed to look for while searching for bugs?FIFA isn`t my strong point…is it a “must” to have awsome FIFA skills and have already played hundreds of hours?Or it`s like not that?
Can anyone solve this one for me,please?

Right were both 14 I go to boys school and she goes to girls school. Well we met at a park through friends and I really liked her. She’s funny, pretty and cute. Yeah well we text everyday I’ve only seen her once she starts the convos at times and I start them at times more like 50/50. Anyway when we talk we send each other hearts and we used to send a couple kisses. She always seems to want to talk to me but gives me short answers and sometimes one word ones but when I get board and annoyed that she doesn’t speak properly I say I’m gonna go and she always says “where you going?<3" "why?<3" like I was off school today and she was texting while in school so she definitely wants to talk but she did the same small answers or one word we have proper conversations at time but most it's like this and I told her "I'm gonna go talk to you later<3" she said "why where you going<3" I said "no where it's just that you're in school" she said "so?<3" and I put "we can't speak properly<3" but we still spoke because she enjoys speaking to me like she might give me small answers but she replies to everything. Today we were talking and she said (let's call this guy dave) "do you know dave?<3" "yeah I do why" "just wondering" "how do you know him" "oh well he poped up to and we started speaking loads on Monday and Tuesday but we don't speak a lot now, he HOT" "aha alright <3" "are you jealous??<3" "yeah loads ;) <3" I said I was jealous in a sarcastic way but OBVIOUSLY I WAS :( she kept talking about him saying "he said he'll teach me to play FIFA :D :D <3" and I just got really jealous and said "hahah right I'm going to bed now, night :* <3" and all she put was "night x" :( I don't know, she talks to me all the time she sends me "<3" after every message she texts me first and then she's goes on about this dave guy :( ….Do you think she's trying to make me jealous or something? Does she like me? Or is she leading me on? :( please help

How big was it, in competition and quality terms?
Was it a lot stronger than today?
How did it compare to other European leagues?


Also name the current tournament or league which they played in 2013

I Have these free games does anyone else have them? if so plese say. 1.Minecraft 2.Need For Speed World 3.Combat Arms 4. FIFA 14 5.CrossFire 6.Ghost Recon Online and sims 3 .

I am not really ready to buy the new Xbox, since bought my 360 a year ago not knowing this One was coming so soon already, so I want to know whether can buy new games like Forza 5 on the 360, also do you think that you would barely be able toplay online, if you buy games such as Fifa 14 which is going to be out on both consoles or will there be enough players to play with (for the fifa players ; will the market be a lot different from the Xbox one? )
Thanks a lot!

You know what’s funny? I suggested this on Yahoo answers a few months ago:http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind…
Therefore Uefa obviously read every question in the football section of Yahoo answers.
Anyway, here is why I like the idea:
a) Teams will put more effort into winning the Europa League.
b) Any team (big or small) can now make it into the champions league; that’s right. If, let’s say, Bradford won the League cup, got into the Europa League, won it, they would be in the Champions League. I think this is fantastic motivation for teams.

Manuel Neuer

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