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I’ve been thinking about it and, say if Barça/Real/City/PSG/United etc. came with a multimillion dollar offer Dortmund accepts, should he leave to a “better club”? Borussia are no underdogs, having stolen the Bundesliga twice in a row now from bayern and a Deusher Pokal in 2011, but some people belive Götze could achieve bigger, bolder things with a Liga/Prem side. what do you think?

Dennis Te Kloese has tried to no end to convince Fabian not to leave Chivas and claims that if he leaves, there is no one out there that can fill his shoes. Perhaps that is true, but now that Chivas is struggling, they can’t afford to let anyone go until the “process” turns around the team and they return to glory? We’ve gone through a carousel of coaches since 2005? We went through Benjamin Galindo, Juan Carlos Ortega, Xabier Azkargorta, Jose Manuel de la Torre, Efrain Flores, Omar Arellano, Paco Ramirez, Raul Arias, Guero Real, Fernando Quirarte, Ignazio Ambriz, Alberto Coyote, John Van’t Schip, before finally returning to Benjamin Galindo. That is 13 coaches! So I ask myself, what process and road to glory? There is no process because there is no stability in the position. In order to have a process, Vergara has to allow the coach time to implement the process. Time that Vergara doesn’t have considering his lack of patience. Why should Marco Fabian or Chaton Enriquez postpone and possibly sacrifice their futures for this? There is no process and no reason for them to postpone their ambitions abroad to stay behind and be a part of a failed process. For as long as Vergara and Angelica Fuentes continue to meddle in the decisions that the Sporting Director should be in charge of, there will never be enough stability in Chivas to allow the birth, growth, and culmination of a process. Marco Fabian and Chaton Enriquez should forget Chivas and take their ambitions abroad as this will only make them better players more suited for competition during the World Cup in 2014.http://espndeportes.espn.go.com/news/sto…

`it is a 2 stars or below and i am 3 stars now.
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On this Labor Day holiday, Congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul is still working hard trying to reach all American on how dire the U.S. monetary system is in the economy. On Sept. 3, the Texas Congressman shared his views on how the dollar is quickly losing its reserve currency status between nations, and that if changes aren’t made quickly, to a gold backed, or other metal based system, the dollar is destined to waste away like the dozens of other fiat currencies littered throughout history.

If we act now to replace the fiat system with a stable dollar backed by precious metals or commodities, the dollar can regain its status as the safest store of value among all government currencies. If not, the rest of the world will abandon the dollar as the global reserve currency. – Paul.House.gov
Ron Paul is not the only lone voice in economics today calling for a return to gold backed, sound money. This last week, the Republican National Convention (RNC) voted to call for a return to the gold standard as one of their many planks during their convention in Tampa. Additionally, many economists and financial advisers are predicting a return to the gold standard within a short amount of years, as the life cycle of a fiat currency historically is only 40 years.
Germany, China, Iran, and many other strong and developing nations are preparing for an exit of current reserve currencies like the dollar and Euro. In 2003, Iran began to sell oil in currencies other than the petro-dollar, and within the past year, China has created several trade agreements with BRIC nations, Japan, and even Russia using currencies other than the dollar.
Since 1971 when the U.S. took the dollar off the gold standard, the value of the currency has fallen over 85%, with massive deficits inflating prices in conjunction with Federal Reserve policies. These actions have accelerated price inflation for consumers, while at the same time, allowed wages to stagnate or fall, and for industry to move offshore in search of better fiscal environs.
Congressman Ron Paul may have lost the Republican nomination for President in 2012, but he has not given up the fight to educate and help change America’s monetary system back to one of sound money. His assessments of how the world sees the dollar, and its status as the reserve currency, are proving correct as more global economies increasingly move away from the dollar, and prepare for a gold backed currency from a new source.

Eduado Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro hailed London as the greatest Olympic games ever. Remember Romney?
Or, Walt Wawra, http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew… ?

I had a quick glance through the profile of Arsenal’s key players/regular starters and realised that, combined, Alex Song, Theo Walcott, Koscielny, Szcesney, Wilshere all have ZERO winners medals for their ENTIRE careers.
Van Persie has a measly UEFA Losers cup and an FA Cup, even though he sat on the bench throughout both finals, so 0 really.
Arteta, Gervinho and Vermaelen have a few pub league medals (SPL, Ligue 1 and Eredivisie are all garbage leagues and winners medals there mean nothing). Sanga has a French League cup, but again, pub teams..
Effectively, the entire Arsenal squad have no MAJOR honours winners in the ENTIRE squad, and will add Podolski, another loser with as many relegations as medals.
So yea, who will be next to leave this clique of utter useless losers?

How Can I Leave My Husband?

My husband is verbally and emotionally abusive. We have been together for 7 years. Been married for only 6 months. We have a 3 year old together. His parents are divorced. He hates my family.In fact hes not a family man at all. He loves football more than anything. We have always been second to that unless someone is around then, he acts like he cares about us. I have been dealing with his abuse for over 3 years. His mother works at the bank that we have a joint account. No way Id be able to pull any money out without her telling him. I drive his mothers car bc we sold my car. I have no credit cards and i run my buisness out of our home. I do not make much money. He is the bread winner and constantly rubs that in my face. I get told to go F!$% myself and to shut the F%^& up, in front of our daughter. I have been forced down and he sup. was joking when he did this, but got forced soap in my mouth by him bc i wouldnt apolgize for swearing bc he was being a huge dick Also my daughter was witness to this as well. My family and friends see how he treats me and they hate it.I always have our child. He doesnt like when I want to need to go into town and he has to watch her. I got bullied into finding a daytime job bc he hated me working overnights.Also with me runnigna daycare, i dont have much adult interaction due to always being with children, when he comes home he eats, gets on the computer(tunes us out) and goes to bed. THAT IS NO JOKE! I need a partner, someone who doesnt hurt me.My problem is I dont know how to tell him I dont want to be with him anymore, esp. since i run my daycare out of our house. What do I do? He also refuses counseling. Cant run anywhere bc his name is on everything! the phone, the cars, bank account. I just live in his world basically. Help please!


Rather than let the former Tottenham man leave for nothing at the end of the season, they will trigger a one-way clause to extend the deal for a further year but intend to sell him??
Are clubs going to fall for this? Why not just wait 1 more season and get him for nothing and at the same time let Man Utd suffer with a Whale doing nothing on the payroll depriving Man Utd of getting another player.

Well. you probably know that circling index finger move for “let’s leave”. My question is: where does it originate from? I got 2 theories: from the military, the circling motion emulating the blades of a helicopter; or the “circle up” that happens at the end of a football training. It’s probably something completely different.
Ideas anyone?

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