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I want to know if the PC version of FIFA 14 appeared.
Thanks !

it would come at the start of august
maybee 04

Why is Turkey in the UEFA? I know a part of Turkey is in Europe but also a big part of Turkey is in Asia. Why are they part of UEFA and not part of AFC?

My reply to Offended questions about N.I. protestants who played for Celtic. I knew the one Alan McKnight, but while I was cheating and looking up the other one the question was closed. The other one was Bertie Peacock in the 1920′s.
If you know your history.

2005- Liverpool(CL)
2006- Arsenal(CL), Middlesborugh(UEFA)
2007- Liverpool(CL)
2008- Man United and Chelsea(CL)
2009- Man United(CL)
2010- Fulham(EL)
2011- Man United(CL)
2012- Chelsea(CL)
2013- Chelsea(EL)
Not so weak Prem

The world has more than 207 countries right?

They have never lost against San Marino or Vatican City Either..
Amazing !!!!

So, I have interest in watching it but don’t know much about football or leagues. All my friends support league of their choice and I feel left out.
How can I know more about it. Please help
Im sorry but wikipedia links won’t do any good. I need some advice,like how would I know when the match is or which one is the best league.
I would love it if you get what im trying to ask.
P.s, Which one do you support and why?

A team that:
-Winner the Uefa Champions League in luck
-Loser the Club World Cup
- Is eliminated in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League
- Is pleased to qualify in UEFA Europa League
There can be considered a great team.

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