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Odds of Celtic winning the champions league 100/1
Odds of Scotland qualifying for the world cup 33/1
What do you make of that. There is literally more chance of a member of the Tartan Army impregnating a horse than watching his team in Brazil 2014, yet even that is 3 times more likely to happen than Celtic winning the Champions league.
At least Celtic know how to win a match, why do you think there’s such a disparity in the odds? You’ve got to be in it to win it. At least Celtic are in it.

Until after the elections because he feels that might hurt his reelection bid?
He is afraid of any economic bad news before the election.
Is it really European leaders job to help Obama stay in office?http://www.businessinsider.com/white-hou…

Time and time again we see players struggling on the edge of the pitch, so they kick the ball against a member of the opposition to make it cross the line for a corner or a throw in and it infuriates the hell out of me.
Every team is guilty of it, including Newcastle, and I don’t like it when we do it either.
I know it would be difficult to prove that it wasn’t just an attempted cross but sometimes it is blatantly obvious and I think it should be put down to unsportsmanlike conduct or time-wasting or something.
FQ: If Newcastle qualify for the Champions League at 4th, will they be seeded straight into the play-off round?

What can I do to exercise. and how to improve on my form. i can kick from the 10 and 25 yard line but after that not so much I cant get enough hight.

Hi. I play football and over the summer I tore my meniscus in my LEFT knee. It is all healed up. But during football season I started kicking off with my toe. After a few days my RIGHT knee started hurting. The side. I think its my meniscus but not sure. If I extend my leg completely straight and flex it kinda hurts the side of my knee. Any help?

Give them a 20 game ban and a directive get out of the game what do u think, I am fed up of it! what do u think? (no mellons were harmed in this production)

Give them a 20 game ban and a directive get out of the game what do u think, I am fed up of it! what do u think? (no mellons were harmed in this production)

Often called a knuckleball in football, the ball moves/jutters unpredictably during flight when kicked hard on the valve, Ronaldo, Juninho are some of the many players who do this.
Is there any physical explanation for this someone could help me out with? Is it chaotic behaviour of the air inside the ball or something similar? Please be as advanced as you wish I have a degree in Mathematics.
Kind Regards

Kicking In Rugby, Rules, Advice?

So i have been playing rugby for almost 2 years. we have a match coming up and we have 2 teams, a D1 team and a D2 team (sort of the farm team for developing players and newer ones with some vets). But due to injuries and people dropping from the team I am taking over the kicking role. I play flanker (6 or 7). Now i have played soccer my whole life almost as well as kicking for football for a year so I am not too worried about it, it’s just new to me.
The things I am unsure of is the rules. I know on a try when kicking the conversion you have to be the same distance away from the touch line as where the ball was touched but you can back it up to wherever. But I will be doing penalties (kicking for touch) as well as possibly kickoffs.
Correct me if I am wrong but on penalties, no matter where we are on the field, wherever I kick it out it will be our lineout? anything else I should know?
Kickoffs, I have no idea on the rules, aside from it has to be drop kicked.
Penalties and conversions, have to be inline with the mark, or where the try was scored, can be backed up. anything else?
my other question is about kicking style. I usually make a small divot with my heel and use that to hold up the ball and thats how i kick, I also tilt it a little back, like you would placekicking in football and it works alright for me. but what I see everyone else doing is setting the ball on a tee leaning/pointing towards the uprights. what does kicking it this way do? is it better? do you kick the point? and with what part of your foot?
any other advice would be very helpful to me

Throwing World Champion?

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