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FIFA World Cup
Italy & Germany – 17 each
Italy – 4
Germany – 3
Second places
Germany – 4
Italy – 2
Third places
Germany – 4
Italy – 1
Fourth places
Italy & Germany – 1 each
Germany – 11
Italy – 8
Germany – 3
Italy – 1
Second places
Germany – 3
Italy -2
So what team would you say has been more successful?

With new talents coming up Like
Marco Verratti
El Shaarawy
De Sciglio
What should be our new formation and playing technique ?

Will Italy Win The World Cup In 2014?

my thoughts im italian from toronto but it will be tought brazil, germany, spain and argentina will be tough to beat however italy is ranked 5th in the world so i guess the odds are good.

Will Italy Win World Cup 2014?

We have strikers: Balotelli, El Shaarawy, Giovinco……
Mids: Marchisio, Pirlo (if he is still there) De Rossi…..
Defence: Chiellini, Bonucci……
Germany, Spain, Brazil… they are all very strong, and I think lots have a chance, also Argentina, but I was just wondering what do you think about Italy’s odds?

Italy surprised many in Euro Cup as they made it to the final and beat Germany who are one of the favorites to win along with Spain. The European teams are dominating the south American teams for now so How far do you think The Azzurri will go in the World Cup the quarterfinals or Semi Finals?

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Where would you rank Italy (national team) on the all time list? In my opinion I think Italy should be 2nd all time in the world (behind Brazil) and 1st in Europe. I came with this conclusion by considering the following.
World Cup:
Champions: 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006 (4)
Runners Up: 1970, 1994 (2)
Third Place: 1990 (1)
Fourth Place: 1978 (1)
Champions: 1968 (1)
Runners Up: 2000, 2012 (2)
Semi-Finalists: 1980, 1988 (2)
International European Cup:
Champions: 1930, 1935 (2)
Runners Up: 1932 (1)
* European championship before EURO begun.
* Defunct 1960, When EURO Begun
* major title back in it’s day

I have been away at my holiday home and I missed out on watching the final. Cheers.

Where can I find this information?

Spain Vs Italy Euro 2012?

Why did they add an extra 4 minutes of Injury time after the 90 min what was the point of that
Why not just end the game at 90 was it really neccasary to add on four minutes considering the result I thought it was disrespectful

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