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Im 18 as of january 23rd 2013 , i was a all star for my soccer team at age 9-12 , i scored all the goals i knew tricks that the kids couldnt do , my team was only beaten by two teams at the time of my u9-u12 which was galaxy and america united , they have great players , players of my skill level back then , unfortunalety im african american i was good but had a mind of a child i dindt like being the only black person on the field , but now ihave started playing again as of age 17 , i still have my talent after 6 years of no play time , out of my maybe 7 games played i scored 4 goals , and these guys have taken no breaks in between the soccer years , i know i had a passion for soccer because i was good *** **** as a kid and knew nothing about soccer , i just knew i liked chivas cause i heard all the latinos speaking about them other then that i knew no players teams anything i didnt even know you could make it in soccer at such a young age for instance “freddy adu” i didnt occur to me until i noticed a friend of mind “RAUL MENDIOLA” he plays for la galaxy academy now u19 , hes extremely good as **** always been very techinqual and we were on the same team for my child years , i knew he would always make it and i promise you hes gunna make it , one of the most techinqual players i ever met in my life , besides the fact now im gunna go to college , im not askign for your advice because i know my skill and my talents im capable of making it i have the will and im strong minded starters never quit , so im just asking your opinion since i lack knowledge of the soccer leagues now , im gunna play community , then maybe switch to a university . do d3 colleges get scouted ever , or if im just good enough will the hype spread ? because i want to play for a living , even if it not uefa premiere . i LOVE SOCCER , i aspire to be like ronaldo , MY QUESTION IS AT AGE 18 CAN I MAKE IT TO A LEAGUE WITH MY SKILL , AND IF SO DO I HAVE TIME LEFT TO TRAIN FOR ABOUT A GOOD YEARS ?

Why not combine forces? Am I missing something here? WHAT”S THE DEAL?!

I was rejected last year for a lack of leadership, and I’m a senior this year.
Service & Extracurriculars
- MSPCA volunteer (work with cats, small animals, and training with dogs on 10/16), around 288 hours. (2011-present)
- Mock Trial Member (2011-present)
- Key Club (2012)
- History Honor Society (2012)
- Care Package for soldiers (2011)
- Relay for Life (2011-present)
- Rally for Allie (fundraiser for college freshman with cancer) (2012)
Leadership –
- Girls State attendee, Committee Leader (Summer 2012)
- Co-captain for “Chasing Hope” (Relay for Life 2012)
- Captain for “We Mustache for a Cure” (Relay for Life 2013)
- Mock Trial captain (2012)
Awards and Achievements
- 4.03 GPA (weighted, which is what they use)
- Highest Average in AP USH Award
- Got 3 in AP English Language and AP United States History
- In 4 APs (English Lit, Euro, Psych, Calc)
- In 2 Honors classes
- 6/7 courses are Academic
- Got all advanced scores in MCAS (state exam)- perfect score in English.
- Abigail Adams Scholarship (tuition-waver)
- Koplik Certificate of Mastery with Distinction (tuition-waver)

I made a game face on ea.com, but when I go to the Creation Centre on my Xbox to import it into Fifa 13, it says no players are available. Please help!
Thanks in advance

When i try logging in to EA or Origin it works, but not on Fifa 13 Ultimate Team or anything else. Is there a problem with the website?

I’m a 16 year old kid from Houston and I want to go into one of the most historic ballparks of all time. I could’ve if the 2012 Olympics weren’t moved to London (they were originally scheduled to be in Houston). It’s a very legendary stadium and I want to go in. It’s hosted Astros baseball, Oilers football, UH Cougars football, concerts and other notable events. If you’re a wrestling fan, you probably recognize it as the location for WrestleMania X-Seven. Anyway, I know I can sneak in during the Rodeo, but could I ask the mayor of Houston for permission to go in? Take a look at these vids.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=RYi8LtfYMHk&NR=1 This was in April 2012. These people obviously got in with permission, they were doing this for some article or something.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jtUNRHipZM&feature=related This was in June 2011. Now this guy… I’m not sure. I think he snuck in there.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=kUHOBDEW70U&NR=1 This was in March 2012 during the Houston Rodeo. This guy snuck in. In the comments he says exactly how he snuck in.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyOeQaIxQoc This guy and his friend commented on the video, but I don’t know if they had permisson or snuck in. His friend who commented on it said a door was open and they walked in. The uploader said they were doing a concert at Reliant Arena.
So other than sneaking in, how can I get into the Reliant Astrodome? Can I ask the mayor for permission? I spent a lot of time composing this description so if you’re gonna be unhelpful, then please just kill yourself. Jump off a bridge or a building, slit your wrists, if you’re gonna be unhelpful then just do that and the world will be a better place. Thank you.

I’m 13 and love playing Basketball, I play for the school team and Hackney (a team in London, England). I’m always practicing or watching videos of the NBA’s or other professional matches and stuff trying to learn new tack-ticks to help me improve how I play. Would it be too early for me to try to get into the 2016 Olympics? Shall I wait until 2020?

why do the swimmers wear caps? what is the object in london that looks like a giant ferris wheel?
why don’t the announcers do more explaining of things that we see? good sportscasting?

like he did for the Salt Lake City olympics in 2002? Those European socialists clearly don’t know what their doing.

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