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these details are way too mixed up to give a good answer. if you maybe give a step by step it might make sense

I’m not too sure but have you actually brought the game? you have to buy it and install it before you run it.
If you have brought the game’s disk then put it in your computer and run it, then it’ll install itself, then you can run with it origin

Mootherboard, DDR3 2 GB RaM, and last week i installed MSI N 210 1GB Graphic card.HAving all this still giving a problem and i also tried FIFA 12 Demo version same issue and one of my friend’s PC configuration is Intel board, 1GB graphic card, DDR2 2GB RAM, in his PC its wrking smoothly and he bought PC 2yr back and i bought 6 months back.Can anyone help me please..please..waiting for the REPLY… Regards LIANTO

maybe it could be because of direct X?? it asked me for installing direct X .. i clicked OK but it didn’t install indicating some error….how can i download direct x from the internet ??? pls help….

When i shoot aiming with the cursor keys earlier shots used to be on target and now they r hardly on target if i press shoot + up the shot used to go in the right corner but now it goes to the corner flag i tried with shoot + up and left arrow keys together but then still it goes off target
I cant even score from easy shots..
Please help guys

i have FIFA 11 legal copy installed on my xbox 360 hard drive. This weekend im at my dads house and i have left the FIFA disc back at my mums. Does anyone know a way which i can play FIFA without my disc?

Get that message every time I try to send a group email from one of my fantasy football sites.

It’s very similar to ESPN.com, Rotoworld.com, and other website that provides fantasy football feature where people can play their fantasy football on their own website. Now my question is how does this work – I’m sure it includes a lot of programming works. This program is where users can draft and play their fantasy football on the website for the season. I wonder if anybody knows how this works exactly and the estimate of creating one for my own website that I am hoping to create soon. Hope this makes sense?

anyone…please help me…

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