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Ps4 Deposit Game Information?

I have recently placed a £20 deposit for the PS4, £5 deposit for a new controller, and £5 deposit for FIFA 14 with GAME.
Since then I have put another £80 onto the gift card they give you to pay for it, does this mean I have £110 on the gift card? Or do I only have £80 on the gift card and the remaining 30£ elsewhere?
If anybody knows how this works please reply, thanks.

Also Some special moments in olympics and new records
plz help me i need these information for my home work

Fifa 13 – Information?

Anyone know any REAL information which will be in Fifa 13? xD


Fifa 13 Pre Order Information?

ok so i pre ordered fifa 13 ultimate edition from sainsuburys instore after seeing the price will be 39.99 on the website. i had to pay a £3 deposit. But now when i checked the price again it says 49.99 and i found out it was only a week offer. So will i get it for 39.99 or 49.99 and is there any way of cancelling the pre order and getting£3 pound back
Thanks :)

BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/20…
or the officialhttp://www.london2012.com/

I know Fifa 13 is right around the corner but i’m planning to get one more kick out of Fifa 12. So I’m no stranger to handling and administering improvement to sports team on any games. (E.G NBA 2K12, Madden 12, etc.) I’ve always been keen to working with struggling franchises and turn them into elites. But for some reason I’m at bay with Fifa for an odd reason, I know how how it operates with the finances but I can’t have anything done! I’m basically asking where do I start with such low budgets? How do I know which players or useless and ought to be sold? Talent is vital and know that but what’s the best option on here to get the best plan possible for the club? To add at times I grow lazy and just forget manger in all it’s totality..
- In’s and outs for best future
- Developing talent. ( How to use loans and transfers that are beneficial )
– I chose West Brom just out of randomness.
- What to do to win.
By the way I’ve done all the other moods and done well but just never could get the experience out of manager due to frustration and lack of effort for changing anything not knowing how to start.
EmC Thanks for any help. ( Côte d’Ivoire! )

I want to know some brief information about how the Olympic games first began and how many different types of sports are represented at the 2012 Olympics in London ?
Help please

Now that Reading have been taken over by the Russians will Reading have a substantial amount of money to spend. Also how much money and wage will they have to spend on.

yesterday my father dreamed to travel in London specially for the Olympic games 2012.so i need some hotel information where i get all reasonable price hotel list and can choose the best.

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