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Its just the start, hope we will see more medals, God bless Gagan Narang, in shooting, he has been outstanding & he showed that he can compete with the best.
Sorry to have posted in Cricket section but I am only visiting this section, so pl share your views, if you care.
It means a lot, to start off, else we used to get odd medals towards the end.

Now With Abhinav Bindra also crashed out of Olympics 2012, what are the hopes of winning Medals in London by any of the Indian Athelete???
Are they performing very badly this year comparative to last olympics

hello all,im very soon going to the Donetsk Medical university of Ukraine in the city Donetsk.
I saw the pictures of Ukraine and this city as well where m going to…and it seems really beautiful,but what I’m worried about is the RACISM…actually I read on net a lot about Some groups attacking asian students and other racial attacks in the euro cup 2012,and its all making me really nervous…
I have noone there to whome I can ask the exact scenario of that place.
So please if anyone who has lived there or is there right now,please help me regarding this tensed issue of Racism.
I would be really greatfull to u.
Thanx in advance.

anyone from india who is participating in Marathon at London Olympics 2012.

Please answer quickly…

Please answer quickly…

what would u rather watch

Please only Indians in Europe are allowed to answer! If you’re inside India, please don’t bring in that cricket bull-****!
India’s population exceeds some whole continents! But why does the world see less of Indian athleticism on world stages of FIFA, UEFA, or even Olympic track? Is India’s culture anti-foreign, anti-integration, or just allergic to interaction with world cultures?

The English club of Queen’ S Park Rangers has a new owner. It is called Tony Fernandes

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