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so do you guys think Fifa 14 will improve the players facial figure because they don’t look nothing like the real player from liga mx for example: Raul Jimenez looks nothing like in real life and also arce,benitez,mosqueda ect.

Pep is taking over a team that almost has a treble locked up with only Stuttgart to beat in the German Cup. Plus Pep will be getting Mario Goetze and Robert Lewandowski to add more lethal power to the defending Bundesliga and Champions League champion who will need to win the UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea and in December the Bavarians need to win the Fifa Club World Cup.
The only way Pep go beat Jupp’s Bundesliga season is to do Arsenal’s The Invincibles type of unbeaten season; and go unbeaten in the Champions League as well so does anybody see Pep equalling or improving on what Jupp did this past season?

Here is my channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/FGFxShawny?feature=mhee
I mostly do gaming, and I am thinking about doing vlogs… however I cannot think about anything I would want to talk about.
I try and make my commentaries less monotone and more exciting sometimes, however I don’t like my voice either. I also want to do something original to do with FIFA.
Any ideas and feedback are appreciated, watch a varying number of videos.

How Do You Think England Can Improve?

As england is home to the best league in the world the epl. Just wandered how you think the national team can improve. Do you think for the national team to do well is focus more on youth academies?
Do you think st george’s park will help england succeed in tournaments? In my views I am not quite sure. Do you reckon the centre could help players on there technical abillity?
Is Roy Hodgson, the right man to lead england to the 2014 World Cup? Do you think England will qualify?
Which players should the manager drop from the squads?
Do you ever think England will be able to play the beautiful game?
I can see England falling further behind Spain and Germany. But, can see nations like Urugruay becoming better than us?
Do you think Wilshere back from injury, do you think you can see England playing a more attacking game?

Mine would be Custom kits or even national kits would be good, also abit more leniency on chemistry eg if a player has played in the same team before but are now at different clubs etc.

Mine would be Custom kits or even national kits would be good, also abit more leniency on chemistry eg if a player has played in the same team before but are now at different clubs etc. Thanks

I’m 15, and I’m looking to improve my endurance a lot so I have better 3km, 2km and beep test results. What running do I do? How often do I run? How far? At what intensity? I’m training 2-3 times a week plus a game on the weekend, but I feel this isn’t enough for my endurance. Please help!!

I’m 17, and basically I wanna play footbal; at uni next year and I know the quality is really high – like ex academy and the like.
Sounds cocky, but I know I’m a decent player – one of the better players at school and club. I’m small in stature but I can play most positions.
I’m pretty sure I couldn’t challenge for 1s or 2s in my first year but I would like to at some point at uni, and definitely challenge for one main team (going to nottingham btw). Are there any tips to keep getting better. I do a lot of keepy ups so touch is good, but other tips?
Also, any tips on finding a position – best was centre mid but I’ve played striker, right back and right wing regularly over the last two years.
Soz, a lot of detail but would appreciate answers.

So i have football weights starting in 10 days and i need to make them think ive been working so if i start eating right and working out 1 or 2 times a day how much more weight u think i could add. (btw i only bench like 90)

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