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… for a team that is fighting for the league trophy???
Let’s try some simple math….. ALL 38 league games are more significant and ALL CL (or even EL) games. So that’s 38 plus 7 CL… that’s 45 games more important than CdR semifinal…. wait I forgot to add one more, that’s CdR final… so in total 46 games. Even games like UEFA Supercup and CWC are more important because they’re rare.
CdR semis are not even in top50 most important games in a season, there are like maybe 5 or 6 less important games (CdR games before semis)…… so BIGGEST achievement for Real Madrid this season is beating Barca in two meaningless El Clasicos???? Of course every El Clasico is important but there is no doubt that out of last 20 El Clasicos the last 3 were by far least important… two were in CdR semis and one was in league when Barca had 16 points of advantage.. lol…. no really LOL
Congrats Madridstas, it looks like Mourinho is not a failure after all :D :D:D

This place blows up every time they take the court.
TV ratings nationwide boom.
Even cyber-terrorists feel passionate enough to take part in the action.
Nothing like this is seen for the Yankees in the baseball section, or the cowboys in the football section, or the Leafs in the hockey section.
Miami Heat: the most indispensible franchise in professional sports.

on paper its the 2nd best cup you can win, we play in our domestic league to obtain the place to play in this Competition, by winning games you get coefficient ranking points.
the europa league is a quality Competition with some Great teams, arguably the europa league has been more entertaining than the champions league this year
is it all down to prize money?
why can’t all fans get behind this great Competition?

1. You played against the side that wont play in the Champions League final, not the squad that beat you in the ever so important FA Cup final.
2. Terry and Turnbull (I may be wrong on this, sorta…) had their worst game in a Chelsea shirt today. Like seriously. Maybe too much hangover from them and the rest of the team after winning a major trophy? (me thinks so)
3. The players are just thinking about the Champions League final. Obvious as it is, it needs to be said.
4. Most importantly, whats the point of risking our best players in the remaining games, when we could just rest them instead and have a fighting chance to win the Champions League final, which would make this the greatest season ever in Chelsea’s history? You’re an idiot if you think its worth risking your best players in 3 games a week when top 4 can only be achieved if Tottenham and Newcastle doesn’t win their last games!
5. And with this, you can say that Di Matteo is playing his cards right by going for the big Champions League trophy, which would solve everything and make this the best season ever, rather than risking his best players for a unlikely top 4 position, when we are already without four great players to begin with!
6. Do you get it now, scousers?
7. And I repeat. Congratulations for the win against the Chelsea side that wont start the Champions League final. Well done.

Now that Real Madrid won the title, I will support them. I always go for teams that win and since Barcelona will only win the Copa del Rey this year, I’ve decided to go for Real Madrid now. I might change to Bayern Munich though if they win the Champions League.
Also, I’m leaving this section and I will go back to the Mexican Section because I don’t want to be judged by all of you.
I will return when I start supporting Barcelona again.
Hala Madrid!

When has he last performed brilliantly in a massive game where his world class ability was shown?
I mean, Man united 3 Basel 3…. no coming up with the winner, Basel 2 Man United 1, when his team needed to stay in the champions league.
Man United 1 Man City 6… nowhere to be seen.
Newcastle 3 Man United 0, again was poor in his teams defeat.
Man United 2 Athletic Bilbao 3….. eh speaks for itself, Blibao 2 Man United 1, scored a brilliant goal i must admit but they were already beaten….
Man United 4 Everton 4, time to make it 5-4 showing why he is “world class” and does nothing in the last few minutes.
Man City 1 Man United 0, again surely that night of all nights he could have came up with the winner.
I thought Wayne Rooney was a big game player, who could create something out of nothing…. also 9 of his goals this season have been penalties…. so surely Ashley Young and Howard Webb can take a lot of credit for those.
It is all well and good scoring when your team is already winning….. but great players score in the important games, when their teams need them.
i.e Torres and RvP.
and before you laugh at Torres, he scored the winning goal to put his side into a champions league final…. while Rooney’s team are on the verge of winning nothing this season/

I wanted to watch the upcoming UEFA Champions League semifinals between Bayern, Madrid, Chelsea, and Barcelona, but i can’t because they are on a Tuesday and Wednesday and i have to go to school. Why don’t they just play on the weekends? It makes no sense to play on weekdays.

The most important part of the football practice is getting naked in the showers

So an english team makes it past the first round?

Champions League is just universally more prestigious, its like world cup of club football. Its too tough to win as there is too many good teams like Barca, Madrid, Bayern, Milan,Man UTD, Inter etc.

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