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FIFA Club World Cup

Ok blacks got track , basketball and American football right?
Now whites got all the field events as discus , pole vault , javelin , swimming , gymnastics , all winter sports , all extreme sports , all sea sports , all auto and motor sports , cycling , triathlon , decathlon , tennis , golf (Tiger is the only non white great champ) , soccer (14 of the 18 world cups won by 100% white teams) , volley , water polo , handball , rugby , cricket , MMA , wrestling , strongest man competition , weightlifting , Kickboxing , rowing , surfing , skateboarding , damn i am tired 95% of sports to make a long story short!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mul…
So if blacks are so much better athletes like they say in the Anti- White country of the USA, why they win less than 10% of medals at the Summer Olympics and 1% of the medals in Winter Olympics?
We try hard to tone up the bruised ego of the black man in the US,don’t we guys?:)

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