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Two Bayern Munich fans aged 42 and 47 were stabbed in a rough part of Naples in the early hours of today ahead of their Champions League tie
Two Liverpool fans stabbed in Naples last year. Other incidents too.
I also remember that some Man utd fans were stabbed in Rome after the roma vs man utd game a couple of years ago.
Should Man City Fans be worried when they travel to Napoli ??? i mean u never kno wat to expect from some italian fans ???

Forde reported everyone so often that all of the section have had their accounts suspended?
I am about to find out…..tension rises…. here goes……
BTW yahoo suggested Pregnancy and Parenting for this question??!!

i threw my football as far as i could just to screw around and it landed on my neibors deck. it was about 10 pm wen it landed on his deck and he took it immediately,he also has other things of mine he has never returned,..(he’s also old/elder).

Guillaume Hoarau will be operated right shoulder Monday, in Paris.

Instead of thinking of specific players you want, figure out the order you wanna draft by position, then draft the best possible players available at those positions… This will keep you unbias in your draft.

Sebastian Coates, the Uruguyan central defender, should engage in the hours which come with Manchester City, according to Sky Italia. Juventus preferring Alex to him, the recent winner of Copa America would have found an agreement with Citizens on a 4 year old contract. Nacional Montevideo would recover 12 million euros for its giant (1m96).

Samir Nasri will be a player of Manchester City in the hours which come, affirms the BBC. According to the English channel, Arsenal and Citizens would have agreed on an allowance of transfer of 29 million euros for the repurchase of the last of contract of the former Marseillais. In front of the refusal of his leader of play to prolong his contract, Arsène Wenger would thus have determined itself to sell it this summer not to see it leaving free next June.

Arsène Wenger would have determined itself to lose Samir Nasri this summer, according to Guardian.

According to Tuttosport, Felipe Mello would be on the shelves of Borussia Dortmund. The winner of the Bundesliga last, should thus make an offer in the hours which come for the international Brazilian one

So I got my cartilage piercing on my ear 2 months ago! I start soccer soon. I didn’t think it would take 1 year to heal!! I was just wondering if i could take it out for just 2 hours and put it back in without it closing. Help me!! Thanks.

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