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I preordered FIFA 13 at GameStop today. The guy said that they are getting a limited amount of special steel cases for the game. I know its just a case, but it’s part of the preorder bonus. Should I have someone pick the game up for me or do you think I’ll be able to get one by 2:10 PM? They open at 10:00 AM, but i don’t know how many cases they have. This is definitely a game that has many preorders, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it in time.

Hi, I’m in school. I’m studying in for a quiz which is in 8 days. Me and my 3 friends are allowed to study during school time and we are going to get the work home. Here are the categories;
Scotland and the scots (History + Politics)
Mountains, Lochs and Famous inventors
Famous Athletes
Golf and Football
Olympic games 2012
The animal kingdom
Literature and the arts
History (Romans,Jacobites, Greeks, Kings & Queens of England)
Food & Drink
Can you share any knowledge you have about any of these subjects? If you can then thank you, the best answer shall be rewarded by 10 points :3
Much love

Louise…you answered the question in your post. 2 and 1/6 hrs is 2.166666 (6 repeating) hrs.
If you interested in minutes then it was 120 +10 or 130 minutes.

I work 2pm – 2am monday to friday and I have put on a considerable amount of weight. I am a size 12 (i know I am not obese) but my BMI indicates that I am clinically overweight.
I have love handles on my back and my stomach is just gaining rolls when I sit down. It is not the kind of way that I want to live but I must admit that I do eat a lot of junk food. I use to exercise a lot by playing football and dancing so never really seen the effects of eating unhealthy.
Now I do can you recommend a way that I can lose the belly fat within 3 months? I am not looking for a perfectly tones stomach but all my weight is stored in my mid section and I would like to be clinically healthy.
I am too tired to exercise working a 12 hour shift so I was thinking of going on a liquid diet? of a diet like lighter life? I wake up around 11am so breakfast has never really been an option to be fair. Any advice? I understand I have to start eating healthier but i’m sure you can understand that this wont come easy for someone like me who is addicted to junk food. Also how about green tea?

My husband thinks its ok to go the pub during the day to watch football matches and not come home til 4am,
i think this is out of order, bt he says im over acting,
am i? Please help?

long story short I’m about to sleep for 3 hours (hopefully) then get up and tailgate for a football game, probably gettin my drink on at 12-1pm. I won’t if I’m really not feeling it but yea.
should I be prepared to feel like I’m going to fall asleep? any advice appreciated thanks

I will be watching Ajax vs Lyon, very important match. If Ajax win or draw we are through to the knock-out stages for the first time since 06, if we lose we have to beat Real Madrid at the Amsterdam Arena.

I’m about to drink a gallon of water. Is that good or bad? Lol. I just want to do really good tomorrow. I never am really hydrated so I figured this would do it. Any tips or thoughts? Thank you.

I am a high school student and i have a part time job and there is a big football game tonight and my student body president asked me to be there because i am one of the kids that pump up the crowd but i have to work. I really want to go is there any Professional way i can ask for the day off

After 2 hours i get so bad thoughts that forces me to change my region or to do shahada to someone :s today i was playing football and these thoughts came n they kept coming i felt like there is something happening inside my body and if i say the words i am out of islam :o so i tried very hard not to say anything :/ when this happens my face gets red i start hitting my head and when a thought abt Shahada comes to my head . A picture pops up in my head of me doing shahada to something then it tells me that i did shahada :s but idk to whom :s. i tried to ignore it just like how u all told me but its getting worst :o And when this happens i recite many duas but nothing work :s

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