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yes, i like fifa game!

…do you prefer not to play with?
Personally, I don’t like to play as inter milan because they lack the pace in their squad. I like to play as teams which have fast gameplay.

Does someone know how I can get a full download of the video available at http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/2012/live-video/p00w30z0?mode=1
It’s for the London Olympics 2012 – Women’s Trap Finals where Jessica Rossi (Italy) made history with her Olympic and World Records.

How likely would an attack be?

vga 256mb but the mac has only intel hd 4000

I just need 3-5 points on this! 1 point will be great too.

I know she’s multi-discipline and doing heptathlon but she’s competed in high jump this year and is britain’s best high jumper so will she be in the competition at the olympics. need to know asap for college assignment. thanks

Ever since I was 5 I have been watching every sport created whether it was basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, football, soccer, etc. Now its time for to go to college and I want to go under a major or study something in the field of sports. I wanted to know what are some high paying jobs in the sports field besides being a professional athlete, professional coach or anything related to being a sports doctor(I am not the best with biology but I can handle some biology or chemistry just not too much of it). If someone could list some high paying good jobs and what there yearly salary is i would really appreciate it.

I don’t play for an official team but, I still play contact. Ok so I play wide receiver I’m more of deep threat receiver. Just throw it up deep and I’m going to catch it. So even though I don’t play for a team. I played for a team when i was 9. Im 13 now turning 14 at the end of may. So when once when I was playing with my friends I took a major hit and got right back up(hurt like *****). So like a few days later I put up a lot of highlights . Had a few clutch plays here and there. So my friends asked me am i going to play football high school for a team. I just said ” I don’t know”. What I’m asking is should I? I honestly think I’m mediocre to other football(american) athletes that’s at the high school level. Since I’m not all that built and not all that strong. So I don’t know. If football(american) doesn’t work then I’m going to try soccer. So try to help.

I am in 8th grade and I Play 1st string running back and 1st string defensive corner I have played football for about 5 years now I’ve played defensive line for the 4 years I played but I run a 5.88 second 50 meter sprint and I weigh about 125 lbs. Should I condition before highschool football to keep me prepared? Please help me out it’s my dream to play for this highschool I’m going to next year

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