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Hiii I’m 15 and I met some people on holiday around the same age as me who stayed in my hotel, I didn’t speak to them much, but I did once or twice but I want to find them! I know his first name and his sisters first name and how old they both were, his name is a very common name though:/ I know what football team they supported and I have an idea on where they could be from, they had like cockney accents! I know which airport they flew too and when they left the hotel. I also know what surname the room was booked under at the hotel, but I’m not sure if they will have the same surname! I have added a girl i met on holiday too, and she knows the names of some people that left for the same flight as who I’m looking for, and her sister spoke to them, so may have more information! But I don’t know!! I’ve attempted to look on facebook by typing in their first name and what city i think they are from, but the searching is endless!!:( There must be an easier way! Someeeeoneee please helpppp:(

this is really long & confusing so be prepared. :/
theres like 8 people in this story. my boyfriend well call him josh. his twin brother well call him marty. his 2 best friends well call them brady & carlos and my best friend well call her katie. okay so… josh asked me out 3 days before school ended. (in person like a real guy.) and i said yes. in july, we called him and carlos answered and said leave josh alone. he doesnt want to talk to you. josh apologized that night and said it wasnt true. carlos then blamed it on brady and josh and marty told me and katie that he isnt friends with carlos anymore. we went out all through summer pretty much. i broke up with him in the end of august though just because we were going out for nearly 3 months. i started to go out with this other kid and josh said if i broke up with him that we could go out again. so i broke up with the guy & josh was going out with another girl! so i got kinda mad & he said once we break up, ill go out with you. so she broke up with him a few days ago. yesterday, there was a homecoming football game & we went and saw each other. it was 40 degrees with a 20 degree wind chill and raining so we were all freezing & i was hugging everybody to stay warm. later that night he texted me and told me he will ask me out next week. but he was THE best boyfriend ive ever had, how do i get him to ask me out before then. not to mention carlos & brady both hate me .:/

So, tonight is spring soccer tryout/practice (i’m not sure), and it is for the city league. I am 14…
What will we have to do? I don’t know how to juggle yet, and I am not in the best shape (i haven’t practiced over the winter)
Help!!! Thanks :)

I am Indonesia, I have a football (soccer) field in my school and it needs something to cover it. My school is going to have an event and we need something we can use to cover it so it isn’t damaged. what can I use? can someone gime me the web, if can, I need an Indonesian based web HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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