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Football Helmets…..?

Hi guys, what all brands sell original football helmets?

Please help me solve and show how-Thank you.
A football team can choose from four different helmets, six different jerseys, and five different pairs of pants.
How many possible uniforms are there using one helmet, one jersey, and one pair of pants?
Choose 1 answer

How many possible uniforms are there using 1 helmet, 1 jersey, and 1 pair of pants?
a. 15
b. 40
c. 45
d. 120

I know that last year, Sen. Tom Udall called on the major helmet manufacturers to come up with some safer designs – he was very concerned about the number of head injuries suffered during football games, Does anyone know what the outcome of this has been? I’ve been looking online and on Udall’s website, but haven’t found anything recent.

Does Football Helmets Cause Acne?

Im going to play football next year for college just want to know?

Does anyone know of anywhere that I could get one of the black circular stickers with a number like worn on football helmets for a player that has passed away? I want to get one with a 21 for Sean Taylor.

Im trying to get my little brother a helmet with the full mic and speaker set up so i can talk to him on the field and coach him around at the free safety.

why didn’t you ask this int he football section?

In Australia we play 4 different football codes:
1. Rugby League
2. Rugby Union
3. Australian Rules Football
4. Soccer
None of which require helmets or pads, Rugby League is largely billed as the most violent, tough football code in the world, hitting like Gridiron players do, yet more continues & without the oads, which make players look gay. Also, why do they take 4 hours to play an 80 minute game over there? Are they that unfit?

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