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What Do You Think Happend Between Us?

This all happened the last school year. Me and my best friend had this one class with this girl i liked. I sat next to her every day for two years because we had more than one class. I always thought of us as good friends. On day she texts me saying that she likes my best friend. I really never liked her until she said that lol i was kind of jealous i guess. But then she started to text me everyday. Im on the football team and after every practice i go in the locker room and look at my phone and i always had a text message from her. This is around homecoming too. I got texts from her saying so who are you going with for homecoming and i said no one and i would say how bout you and she said no one. Days later she asked me again who i was going with. Still no one. I was shopping for homecoming stuff and she texted me what i was doing and i said buying stuff for homecoming. She told me what kind of shirt to buy and a certain tie to go with it. Lol. Im thinking to myself why does she want to buy this. I then later found out that she had the exact same color dress that she told me what shirt to buy. Then asks me again who i was going with and said no one and she didnt have a date either. She then said to me, i doesnt matter if i have a date that i like, i would to go with a really good friend. It seems like she wants me to ask her out right? I never did though. So im at the dance and i see her and i asked her to dance with me. The look on her face was kind of shocked and she really didnt know what to say. Ever since we been friends still but it was really never the same. Should have asked her to go with me to homecoming? Why do you think she was shocked when i asked her to dance? She likes my friend so then did she tell me what to wear so i could match her? Can i please have some feedback i appricate it.

Okay first of all your not going to believe me, i wouldn’t believe me either but i swear on everything that is not sinful to swear on i’m telling the truth may i be damned for eternity if i am. Okay let me explain my situation i have a best friend who’s very strange. Normal kid but i think he has some kind of connection with the ”other side”. He passed out during class one day and started drawing these strange images i still can’t decipher( i’ve been studying these things since i was young, never actually believing in it just more out of curiosity) the only thing i could decipher were 5 words, which were latin. i can only remember three. One was execa(cut out) obitus(death) and fera(wild beast). And he also wrote in demotic which is ancient egyptian and i mean sentences upon sentences this picture he drew in his sleep was beyond complex it terrified me i don’t know if it’s omen or what. There were also multiple symbols in flames which were surronded by the demotic text(ancient egyptian).He can also guess numbers in your head Very frequently that’s scary to. And you probably think i’m some dork making this up once again i’m not. I mean i was the starting running back for football team i play basketball i’m a normal *** kid these things are just beyond me i can’t believe they actually happened. Now to this kids house….. a man died there. And it’s been haunted he’s told me stories nothing to out of the norm. I went there once again being the ignorant pom-pus *** i was i decided none of it could be real and i taunted the hell out of this thing. Now nothing happened for the first few months i went there until. I went into his kitchen light switches starting flicking by themselves with me next to them…. hard to believe i know. I can shake that off. But to the good part We were all sitting playing madden and he had a pair of large headphones hung on the wall No one was near them. The cord lifted into the air and stayed there for abut 4 seconds and dropped back down. I watched this thing move by it’s ******* self… i still can’t believe it. But he claims nothing happens when i’m not there what the hell is the reason for this?

What Happend To Me? Haha?

Ok, I was standing at a football game tonight with a friend and I started feeling really dizzy, I thought well this is weird but I didn’t pay any attention to it. So, a few mins later I started feeling really dizzy and like.. I dont know how to explain it but, I was getting tunnel vision i think, and I was getting really drowsy and i looked at the foot ball score bored and we were in the 3rd quarter and i looked away and i looked back and we were in the 4th quarter with 5 mins left in the game.. when ever someone talked to me it was like.. i wasent all there. That kinda sounds weird but i dont know how do put it. Oh and the friend i was with said i was having full conversations with her..i just dont remember anything

What Has Happend To Modern Football?

i was looking at the 50′s to 80′s
and teams was filled with English,Scots, Welsh and Irish..
but the team was like 90% English.. no team ever represents where there from anymore.

Very ribaldly

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