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This season Bayern has proven that he is the best in the world but what do you think the future holds ?
Will the new coach make Bayern better or worse?What can be done to make it better ?
And most importantly do you think that Bayern can stay #1 in the long run ? Barca has announced big changes in the future..can they post a threat to Bayern ?

real madrid will winner 100% sure

The overpowered finesse shot from fifa 12?
I really do I remember I used to score badass goals with that finesse shot
Bq: What do you think EA should bring back or add on fifa 14?

1.I hate how underrated Mexico, Colombia, and a few other NT’s are.
2. How overpowered teams like Brazil are.
3. Underrated Mexican players teams are.
4. The flawed penalty system
5. Terrible refs. I was fouled multiple times and not even a free kick was awarded.
6. Bad first touch system
7. How my defense leaves gaps, doesn’t mark, etc. so I have to rely on possession. If I even do a clean tackle, the ref calls it a foul or the ball moves 3 feet away and the ai keep it.
8. How quick the ai are at blocking every shot, quickly retrieving the ball, tackling, etc.
9. Overpowered players like CR7 are.
10. Unrealistic goals from long range usually being scored.
11. Bad servers and random lag
12. How 9/10 shots are easily blocked from close range.
13. Virtual pro divided online and in career mode
14. How good game face looks on ea.com, but bad in fifa 13
fifa 13 has too many flaws imo.

Guys Do U Really Like Fifa 13 ?

guys i am a big fan of fifa game i play from
since fifa 6 in ps2 …… and i am big fan of fifa 9 and fifa 12 best ever fifa game ….. but when fifa 13 is out i left play fifa game and all my friends i waste 50 dollars for bullshit ….. its not bcoz of money but fifa 13 is complelety suck first touch control game speed game play everthing do u think fifa 14 is also like this again ??

I think it is going to be an astonishing tournament; us Brazilians are looking forward to this cultural festival. People from all over the globe will come to Brazil and have a great party, I can guarantee you that. I can’t deny that we have some social difficulties, but as a representative of my country I will try to ensure that everything works well.
Although I don’t think our country has a chance of winning this tournament since a lot of them lack experience due to age I believe that our arch rivals Argentina, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Portugal and even England have a big chance of winning it.
If you are going to visit Brazil, don’t just come for the World Cup, we have more to offer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgagQi7Iy…

Like in 2013 Confederations’ Cup or at the 2014 World Cup?
I’m trying to save my money but probably won’t have enough til maybe 2018 or something. :/
Anybody else thinking about going to Brasil to watch El Tri?

BQ:do you think france can beat spain in the next game?

I’m hoping to get at least 30 k but any idea of what’s the lowest he will go and highest he will go

ok guys i got 2 consoles and i really need the money every thing is in perfect condition no scratches on games all instruction booklets
XBOX 360 slim 250 gb
x2 wirless controllers
wirless steering wheel
guitar for guitar hero
halo reach legendary edition
skate 1 2 3
gears of war 1 2 3
mass effect 1 2 3
cod 4 5 collectors edition cod 6 collectors edition cod 7 prestige edition and 8
forza 2 3 limited edition 4 limited edition
battlefield 1 2 3 limited edition
medal of honour limited edition
lolipop chainsaw
tony hawk shred with board
fifa 10 11 12
madden 11 12
silent hill homecoming
resident evil 5
crysis 2 limited edition
halo 3
red dead redemption
batman arkham asylum and arkham city
max payne 3 collectors edition
ok so looking to get atleast $450 for this
fifa football
little deviants
resistance burning skies
madden 13
mortal combat
gravity rush
ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
jonah lomu rugby challenge
looking to get $250

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