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all my friends play it and have no life and our obssessed with it whenever a new fifa comes out?
is it like manager mode but you manage a team and play your friends
what is the point of coins? why not just call it pounds like manager mode?
i might start FUT if its worth it once the new fifa 14 comes out is it possible for me to beat my mates who pay for coins?
what are gold silver bronze teams?

Will tesco get FIFA 14 to me on release day? or maybe even the day before? Or will it come late.

Last season we reached the quarter finals of the Europa League.That was the first one we have reached in any competition since Ashley took over. And we have finished in a ‘respectable place’ just ONCE in his tenure. We also suffered relegation under his ownership and our stadium changed it’s name – twice.
In the previous 6/7 seasons BEFORE Ashley we reached 2 FA cup finals, an FA cup semi final, 2 league cup quarter finals, one UEFA cup semi and another UEFA cup quarter final and qualified for the Champions League twice.
Off the pitch 7 years ago NUFC pulled in 30m per year more than Spurs- now Spurs get 50m more than us with a stadium holding 36k. Our finances are now solely reliant on TV money as the commercial side of the business is shot to hell, with the association with Wonga and SportsDirect no decent company will touch us with a barge pole. Under Ashley we are a toxic brand, gone backwards on and off the pitch.
The only thing Ashley did right was the ticket deals and the handling of the ‘Family Enclosure’ at SJP.

Looking For A Good Laptop?

Hey i need a strong and slim laptop
I am not too picky about the brand
Price limit is $2000 (if the laptop is totally worth it i can pay a little extra)
Fast processor (strong enough for slight gaming)
4GB or more RAM
1600×900 minimum res
Good graphics (enough for FIFA 13)
Battery life: atleast 3 and half hours of video playblack, 6-7 hours of wifi usage
Optical drive is optional (doesnt really matter)
Neat and sleek
weight should be less than 5 lbs
Backlit keyboard with good clickpad
Choices i have selected
Dell Xps 15 (disadv. low battery, heavy and thick)
Dell Xps 14 (PERFECT)
Any others??

I had 256 mb ram, P4 processor of 2.66 GHZ and 96 mb video memory on my pc with Windows 98,, I played -
Gta vice city, GTA san andreas, max payne 1, 2 , Hitman 1, 2, 3 UEFA 07, Freedom fighters, prince of persia 1, 2, 3, Halo 1, RCT 3 Platinum, COD 1… now i have upgraded to 768 mb of ram and to windows XP SP2.. let me know some better games that i can play now… And please dont tell me to upgrade it anymore, i cant even buy a mousepad now.. Thanks in Advance

Is My Career Mode Too Good?

Manchester United 4-4-1-1
Neuer- 93
Walker-89 Hummels-93 Lovren-89 Gibbs-88
Ronaldo-92 Hazard-94 Wilshere-93 Bale-95
Alexandre Pato-93
Bench: Sturridge-86 Rodwell-85 Taarabt-85 Shaqiri-86 Jones-83 Clark-85 Ruddy-80
Should I just stop playing? Just for kicks i simmed a whole season and won the F.A. Cup, the BPL, the Champions League, the Community Shield, the UEFA Super Cup and got knocked out of the semi-finals in the League Cup. It seems kind of unfair at this point.

I have a tight budget. I want to give a birthday gift which my friend may like on his birthday today.
He has a hobby to play pc games and play Music with Flute. He also loves to play football.
So,can anyone give me an idea what can I give him within Rs.400- Rs. 500.
I have to gift him today, so please answer fast.


Liverpool or Arsenal

I am located in the US. The reason I say legal is because I have access to Fox Soccer via DirecTV, so I do have permission to watch the channel. Unfortunately for me, I work next Tuesday and Wednesday, but my boss doesn’t care if I have the game on…in fact he watches sometimes lol. The only streams I can ever find online are insanely laggy and choppy so its hard to keep up with the action, and on top of that the quality is awful. I can deal with the quality but the choppy stream makes it useless.
Is there any way to watch a GOOD stream of the UCL matchups on Tuesday/Wednesday? I know ESPNFC.com had excellent HD streams of the WC Qualifiers but thats not under UEFA. Does anyone have any advice? Maybe I can access DirecTV on the computer?

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