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Unfortunately YES,actually all multiplayer games need xbox live ******** gold member.

I’ve entered the season pass for it but it been more then a week and I haven’t got any. Like is there I certain place in ultimate team I click on to get it or what??

Fifa 13 Gold Package?

I redeemed my code for the 24 weeks of gold packages and it’s been a week and I havent gotten ****
Where do I get my gold pack I already typed in the dam code
FIFA 13 horrible game

For pre ordering I can’t see where I can claim it.

Fifa 13 is coming out and i wanna be all set up for the ultimate season :D

Mexico played with all home based players, with the exception of Giovani Dos Santos (ex Tottenham now in Mallorca) and won the Olympic gold medal in London this summer. Eligible players like Chicharito(Man U), Carlos Vela(ex Arsenal now in Real Sociedad), Jonathan Dos Santos (Barcelona), Andres Guardado (Valencia), Maza Rodriguez (ex PSV now in Stuttgart), Hector Moreno(Espayol), Guillermo Ochoa (Ajaccio) didn’t play. Why did the United Kingdom with all its English Premier League stars fail to make the semi-finals? It was at home and with players with Premier League experience (most of them in Manchester United). I don’t get it. Not even Brasil with all its over paid and over hyped players (Hulk, Marcelo, Thiago Silva, Neymar, Pato) could beat the mighty Mexico. All the players, with the exception of Gio Dos Santos, will continue to play in the Mexican league after rejecting offers from Celtic, Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool, Sevilla, Udinese, Atletico Madrid,etc. I think they are smart to do that since Mexico will give them the playing time they deserve. Thoughts?


On this Labor Day holiday, Congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul is still working hard trying to reach all American on how dire the U.S. monetary system is in the economy. On Sept. 3, the Texas Congressman shared his views on how the dollar is quickly losing its reserve currency status between nations, and that if changes aren’t made quickly, to a gold backed, or other metal based system, the dollar is destined to waste away like the dozens of other fiat currencies littered throughout history.

If we act now to replace the fiat system with a stable dollar backed by precious metals or commodities, the dollar can regain its status as the safest store of value among all government currencies. If not, the rest of the world will abandon the dollar as the global reserve currency. – Paul.House.gov
Ron Paul is not the only lone voice in economics today calling for a return to gold backed, sound money. This last week, the Republican National Convention (RNC) voted to call for a return to the gold standard as one of their many planks during their convention in Tampa. Additionally, many economists and financial advisers are predicting a return to the gold standard within a short amount of years, as the life cycle of a fiat currency historically is only 40 years.
Germany, China, Iran, and many other strong and developing nations are preparing for an exit of current reserve currencies like the dollar and Euro. In 2003, Iran began to sell oil in currencies other than the petro-dollar, and within the past year, China has created several trade agreements with BRIC nations, Japan, and even Russia using currencies other than the dollar.
Since 1971 when the U.S. took the dollar off the gold standard, the value of the currency has fallen over 85%, with massive deficits inflating prices in conjunction with Federal Reserve policies. These actions have accelerated price inflation for consumers, while at the same time, allowed wages to stagnate or fall, and for industry to move offshore in search of better fiscal environs.
Congressman Ron Paul may have lost the Republican nomination for President in 2012, but he has not given up the fight to educate and help change America’s monetary system back to one of sound money. His assessments of how the world sees the dollar, and its status as the reserve currency, are proving correct as more global economies increasingly move away from the dollar, and prepare for a gold backed currency from a new source.

I played UT on fifa 12 since december, but i deleted my club yesterday so do i still get my free packs when fifa 13 comes out

Katie Taylor wins Ireland’s first gold medal of London 2012 Olympics

Because lazy Indians are obsessed with ******* cricket and IPL.
Start supporting football,hockey,athletics……

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