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Not at the moment.
Upcoming friendlies for both as of this post:
August 14 – Germany will host Paraguay in Kaiserslautern, Spain will travel to Guayaquil to play Ecuador.
November 15 and 19 – The playoff qualifiers involving teams that finish second in each UEFA group will be played. If Germany and/or Spain win their respective groups then each will likely schedule at least one friendly on these dates. So there’s a possibility of them playing each other around this time.
March 5 – Germany hosts Chile in Stuttgart, Spain have yet to confirm an opponent.
After the domestic leagues end on May 18 many teams will be playing friendlies leading up to the start of the World Cup on June 12. So again, there’s a chance they could meet up during this period.
But to be honest I don’t envision them playing each other before the tournament.

I’m just curious. Exclude FIFA/UEFA and general football material, because riots in those cases are pretty self explanatory. No one likes for their favorite team to lose in any sport their fond of. So yeah, I get that. But I mean as far as the ones you hear about that break out in Berlin, Hamburg (etc), wherein the police use water cannons to scatter clusters of protestors and things like that. What’s all that about? And do German police always handle riots so aggressively? Even insignificant people whom just happen to be walking by (young and old people alike) seem to get some kind of excessive handling of some kind.

FIFA World Cup
Italy & Germany – 17 each
Italy – 4
Germany – 3
Second places
Germany – 4
Italy – 2
Third places
Germany – 4
Italy – 1
Fourth places
Italy & Germany – 1 each
Germany – 11
Italy – 8
Germany – 3
Italy – 1
Second places
Germany – 3
Italy -2
So what team would you say has been more successful?

Germany are riding high after Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund destroyed Spain’s Barcelona and Real Madrid by a score of 11-3 in the Champions League semi final then both were in the Champions league final.
Both teams are ranked #1 and #2 in the World not just Europe according to FIFA and UEFA seasonal ranking.
England are feeling good because they have beaten Brazil and performed pretty well in the Euros so who has the better XI between Germany and England?

yeh for now
but a spanish miracle ( as MADRID FTW says ) will probably happen .
plus if barca and real overcome the scores on aggrete ( real madrid more likely to do so) then it will show spain is the best

anyways, I would say Spain, Germany and Italy.

Germany embarrassed England 4-1 in the 2010 World Cup, but I think Germany might paste a 5-0 win over England in the 2014 Brazil World Cup.
England’s golden generation is all but gone and their defense is leaky and has no answer at the moment. Germany have another problem which is they have too many young stars like Reus, Mueller, Kroos, Hummels and Goetze that are pushing Germany to a much higher level. So who would win and by what score?

Germany beat Argentina 4-0 in the 2010 World Cup, however many of believed Argentina was the most talented in 2010 but it did not materialize and Germany was a very young inexperienced team which dominated Australia, England and Argentina by scoring 4 goals in each match. Argentina has improved their style of play and Messi has settled down however they are aging with little youth is coming up while Germany suddenly has a Wellspring of skilled youth coming up. Who will go farther est Argentina or Germany?

Germany beat Argentina 4-0 in 2010 but many of is thought Argentina was the most talented team in the world at the time. Germany was the second youngest team and inexperienced however they dominated Australia, England, and Argentina by scoring 4 goals in each match. Argentina has improved it’s style and form and Messi has settled down but they are aging while Germany is continuing to have wellspring of youth coming forward. Who will go further Argentina or Germany?

Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup but have not been a Semi Finalist since they won in 2002 against Germany and Oliver Kahn. Recently Mexico and Argentina have owned Brazil but with Neymar and others coming up could they do better? Germany beat Argentina 4-0 in the 2010 World Cup and have found a wellspring of youth coming forth with great skills and energy so who will go farther Brazil or Germany?

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