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I want to know what you think. I want to buy Fifa 14 GTA 5 and also Cod Ghosts/BF4 not sure yet. And Maaaaayyybeee Black Flag. So those 4 games would cost 240 dollars or so. Imagine buying a next gen and all those together it would be an easy 650-800 tab depending on the insurance price too. So what would you do? Buy Fall 2013 Games for PS3/Xbox or wait till Next Gen Consoles and see what game is best with a budget. And please no spoiled children. If your parents are buying it then i dont need your answer . I want an answer from someone that works for their money and realizes just how much the cost is. Thanks! (:

Will These Games Be Out For Ps4?

I want to buy these games for the Playstation but I don’t know if I should wait until the PS4 is out. I have never had an Xbox and have played every Playstation.
I am thinking of buying the following games:
Grand Theft Auto 5
Fifa 14 (I know it’s coming out for PS4)
Farcry 4 if it comes out.
Saints Row 4
Call Of Duty: Ghosts
Payday 2
Need For Speed: Rivals
Watch Dogs.
Which of these do you know are coming out for the PS4?

What Games Are You Buying For Ps4?

im buying fifa 14,battlefield 4,destiny,watch dogs,assassins creed IV,wolfenstien and ufc
are these good games?

I am 14 and now in summer holidays there’s 5 weeks left and i want to buy The last of us, GTA 4 and probably fifa too. My parents have got the money to buy these games for me but they just dont seem interested. They said they would buy it if i got good result and i did pretty good in school too. How to convinvce them to buy it for me. They just ignore me for it.
BQ:Is GTA 4 and The last of us suitable for a 14 year old mature boy who has played Max Payne 3,battlefield 3,Black Op2 campaign with violence turned off.?
Serious answers please.

1 The amaizing spiderman 2
2 tom clancy’s the division
3 tom clancy’s rainbow six patriots
4 knack
5 Need for speed rivals
6 Drive club
7 Battlefield 4
8 Call of duty ghosts
9 watch dogs
10 Diablo 3
11 Doki-Doki universe
12 Deep down
13 Destiny
14 final fantasy 15
15 infamous second son
16 don’t starve
17 fifa 14
18 EA sports UFC
19 war thunder
20 transistor
21 thief
22 Ray’s the dead
23 Mad max
24 nba 2k 14
25 nba live 2k 14
26 secret ponchos
27 Madden 25
28 Killzone shadowfall
29 Galak-z
30 Just dance 2014
31 Final fantasy 14
32 kingdom hearts 3
33 LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes
34 Elder scrolls online
35 Mercenary kings
36 the order 1886
37 The crew
38 Contrast
39 Daylight
40 The dark soceror
41 DC universe online
42 outlast
43 planetside 2
44 Wolfenstein: The New Order
45 Assassin’s creed 4 black flag
46 Blacklight retribution
47 Dragonage inquisition
48 Dying light
49 LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes
50 Basement crawl
51 Octodad: Deadliest Catch
52 Oddworld: New n’ Tasty
53 Primal Carnage: Genesis
54 Ray’s The Dead.

Best Ps3 Games For New Gamers?

I just recently bought a ps3 super slim so could anyone give me suggestions on good games to buy please,
I’m planning on buying Last of us, gta4, bf3, tomb raider, beyond two souls, justice league gods among us gran turismo and fifa 13(or wait for 14) Are these good games or not? thanks
(i’m new to all of this so i don’t really have experience in all this althought i’ve been playing to a few demos)

I am currently on xbox 360, and have also ordered the xbox one. what should i do about buying fifa 14 and gta, i want to be able to play fifa 14 when its released but that would mean i have to buy fifa 14 for xbox one and 360

Which Games Can I Run In My Pc?

my system req
intel core 2 duo 2.0 ghz
4 gb ram
ati radeon hd 5450 2 gb

I am excited for
first chelsea game under mourinho control apart of BPL
first madrid game
first barcelona game with Neymar
the uefa super cup i think its bayern vs barca?
madrid friendly agaisnt bournemouth or something
anything else?

How will this system run the following games: fifa 14, watch dogs, the amazing spiderman, battlefield 3, call of duty ghosts.
CPU: Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33GHz GFX: GeForce 8800 GT 1GB

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