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FUT 14 – What you need to know
Chemistry Styles – A consumable that allow you to alter what chemistry does to your player.
Instead of all players receiving the same increases you can now decide to increase certain stats at the expense of others or have a minor increase on all stats. There are 20+ different styles to choose from
These act like position cards – permanent until you use a new one. If you trade it, the buyer will keep the style.
No more formation items: Switch between formations without the need to buy new consumables. Formation no longer contributes towards player chemistry
Managers: Can provide player chemistry either through Nationality or League. A manager’s league can be changed via a consumable. Max +1 chemistry.
Loyalty: A player becomes loyal to your club if you get them in a pack or if you play 10 games with them. A loyal player receives max +1 chemistry.
Player Chemistry now goes to 10
Kit numbers, set piece takers and captain
Online Single Matches has returned
Seasons Mode features 10 divisions with promotion, relegation, coveted titles and the chance to qualify for tournaments. The new historic Seasons stats will track your results, and you can earn rewards such as coins, items, and players along the way.
Work-rates now show in the player bio
Assists are now tracked
You can search by player name and for specific consumables

i guess it will be the same as fifa 13 with a couple of small changes
i doubt it will be out on release
maybe a month or two after the ps4 release

Will my squads and coins move on to fifa 14 or will I have to restart over again???

Please send me valid links.

Hi, I am planning to order FIFA 14, but I dont get the ultimate team bonuses in the Czech Republic. So I wanna ask if I can order to the Czech Republic from origin. Thank you.
Btw can I also order for Czech money ?

Today, he will be presented as Bayern Munich new manager. Succeeding to the historic-treble winning Jupp Heynckes, what are your expectations from him?
As a BVB fan, I’m looking forward to see DFB-Super Cup at Signal Iduna Park, perfect place to watch two Geniuses of own kind, that is, Kloppo vs. Pep. It’s also perfect place for us to take revenge of UEFA CL final and also, Mario Gotze’s steal-away.

I am getting FIFA 14 when it comes out. At the moment I only have FIFA 12 not 13. After selling all of my players will my money go on 14 or will it just be stuck on my FIFA 12 disc.

Considering all the focus has been put on the X1/PS4 version. Apparently it uses some new engine and basically everything cool and new, is being excluded from the current gen console versions, so wtf is the point then? Of course I want updates squads and such, but Im not going to spend cash just for that. Also I dont have cash for the x1 or ps4, so I just have my 360 and pc, and fifa sucks on pc.
BQ: BF4 or Cod ghosts?
Bf4 for me, cod has become very boring. Ill pick up bf4 on pc

There is an ad running at the moment (played on ITV about 5 minutes ago) for the UEFA champions league final at Wembley. The music on the advert is really familiar classical music but I can’t remember the name of the piece, anyone know?
Any suggestions much appreciated!

“Malaga have been handed a boost with the confirmation that they do not risk a second year banned from European competition.
The club were originally handed a single season suspension from UEFA club competition for the next campaign they otherwise qualified for over the next four years, for financial irregularity.
Whilst the verdict for the club’s appeal over that ruling is not heard until June 4, the Anchovies were given a piece of good news from UEFA this week, regarding the risk of a second year’s suspension.
The European body confirmed to the club yesterday that they will not receive that punishment, having proven by March 31 that they did not have any overdue payables still on the books.”
Your thoughts?

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