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It is supposedly one of the ‘Big 5′, but the Portuguese league is above it in the UEFA coefficients.
Eg: Which team has scored the most goals in the big 5 leagues
Which team has the most offsides
Who is the assists in the big 5 leagues

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If i dont recall It’s been quite awhile. I just forget the number of years.

Tall, strong, great in the air, and has a quality most CB’s don’t have, which is good technique and skill. He has an amazing shot. Should he move to a bigger club ?
BQ: Predictions for tomorrow’s UEFA Champions League fixtures.
BVB Borussia Dortmund vs Shakhtar Donetsk
Manchester United FC vs Real Madrid CF

(the commentary)
even russian aristrocrats stopped speaking french

When announcing events, the stadium (non-televised) announcers would use French, the usual male announcer would say it in French and it would be followed by the usual female announcer’s translation of it in English. I found it odd because English is clearly the more widely spoken language worldwide of the two, and the Olympics are IN England

La Russie a mis jusqu’à 40 milliards de dollars (plus de 30 milliards d’euros) de côté pour 2012 et 2013 afin de protéger son économie en cas de renforcement de la crise dans la zone euro, a déclaré le ministre des finances russe, Anton Silouanov, cité mardi par le Financial Times.

I ask this because everybody knows in America soccer is not as popular as Basketball or Football.

I’m trying to say:
Next year I will go to France with my parents and my sister. We will leave at five o’clock and travel by train. We will stay in Paris in a hotel with a beautiful view that I will really like. The rooms will not be very spacious, but I will share my room with my sister even though she annoys me! When we arrive, my sister and my father will play football, so my mother and I will go swimming in the sea. It will be fantastic! The next day my family and I will go to a history museum, because it fascinates me, but unfortunately it will be closed! Later, we will eat at the restaurant and then return to the hotel. The next three days we will go to the beach so I will read a fantasy novel and relax. My holiday in France will be magnificent!
This is how I think it’s said:
L’année prochaine, j’irai en France avec mes parents et ma sœur. Nous partirons à cinq heures et voyagerons en train. Nous resterons à Paris dans un hôtel avec une vue belle que j’aimerai bien. Les chambres ne seront pas très spacieuses, mais je devrai partager ma chambre avec ma sœur même si elle m’agace ! Quand nous arrivons, ma sœur et mon père joueront au foot, alors ma mère et moi irons nager dans la mer. Il sera fantastique ! Le lendemain, ma famille et moi irons à un musée de histoire, parce que ça me passionne, mais malheureusement il sera fermé ! Plus tard, nous mangerons au restaurant et puis retournerons à l’hôtel. Le trois jours suivants nous passerons à la plage donc je lirai un roman fantastique et me détendrai. Mes vacances en France sera magnifique !
Thanks for any corrections and advice:)

I got most of it i just cant seem to think of what do you is then what to add to joue as its not about me?;/

My French Teacher is giving us a song description or something for French to write the name of any song and genre and artist we want only once and then presented to the class and I’m having trouble deciding which songs I should play at once like you pick which song I should play,
Pyramid Song – Radiohead
Neon Genesis evangelion theme – ?
Italian Leather Sofa – Cake
Original Yu-Gi-Oh! English Theme Song – ?
Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine
Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
Paranoid – Black Sabbath
Iron Man – Black Sabbath
For Whom The Bells Tolls – Metallica
Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Otherside – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Californication – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The Bitter End – Sum 41
I Can’t Tell You Why – The Eagles
The Boondocks Theme – Asheru
South Park Ending Theme – Primus
Positive Contact – Deltron 3030
Samurai Champloo Theme – ?
Pokemon Indigo Theme – Jason Paige
Pokèmon Johto League Champions Theme – ?
Dragon Ball Z Original Theme (Rock the Dragon)
Dragon Ball Z Uncut Theme – ?
Cowboy Bebop Theme (Tank!) – Seatbelts
Star Wars Theme – John Williams
What do you think? Pick one song from this list that you think is good.

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