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ok i want a laptop with the following specs:
1.ram 8gb
2. processor intel core i7 latest generation
3.graphics card nvidia geforce model which can run games like fifa 14,gta 5, asssasin creed 3,etc very well
4.battery life 3-4 hrs
5.storage capacity 750 gb
6.light weight
please guys could u all compile the above info and tell the price of a laptop with the above qualities.

There is also an option of COD Ghosts and BF4 and GTA 5 and AC 4……..
Complete Confusion…….

How will this system run the following games: fifa 14, watch dogs, the amazing spiderman, battlefield 3, call of duty ghosts.
CPU: Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33GHz GFX: GeForce 8800 GT 1GB

When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Sean Tait.
Sean Tait doesn’t call the wrong number. You answer the wrong phone.
Sean Tait doesn’t teabag , he potato sacks.
Sean Tait lost his virginity before his dad did.
Sean Tait counted to infinity. Twice.
The following is a short list of things Sean Tait cannot do:

Okay, I’m in Western Australia and European football isn’t all that common on TV (as far as I know) and I really want to start following it!!! So if there are any sort of specific channels on tv or websites that’ll help that’d be great…
Also I would really like a brief overview of the teams/rules/famous players so imma bit more informed :P

φ Duncan Fletcher is given a Notice Period till 31st Jan’13 to look for a new employer or repatriate
φ Ricky Ponting is strongly persuaded to be their Batting Coach till 2014 World Cup & he agrees
φ Craig McDermott is asked to train all fast bowling hopefuls at NCA & join team post Pak series
φ Michael Atherton is asked to become the Conditioning & Mental Toughness Expert till WC 2014
φ A Women Physiotherapist, from National Institute of Sports Medicine is appointed to train the team. She will have unlimited, unfettered clearance & access 24×7 to cater to their aches & pains
φ BCCI will appoint a new sponsor [Energy Drink Brand] for a deal of Rs.50 Cr for winning WC 2014
φ Some tough laws will be enacted to prevent players tenure, performance, awards will be given only for bravery, excellent all-round show, non-disclosure clauses & abstinence from match fixing

oday I had an English exam and our topic was how International Sporting enevts contribute to the world peace. I wrote following essay . Please let me know may mistakes in it
International sporting events not only are very attractive entertainments for people but also play important roles in decreasing tensions and conflicts among nations and help to the peace in the world.
To start with, during these international events, such as The Olympics and the football World Cup, the athletes from around the world come together and compete without considering their countries’ politics. It has become a common sight to see athletes of Palestin and Israel compete peacefully and deal with each other fairly. This clearly shows that normal people of countries can work and live with together with no problem and it is just the dirty politics of their leaders that causes many wars and conflicts. Consequently many governors may decide to stop their dirty politics after these events.
Moreover, during these events many campaigns are trying to call the attention of people toward the sub human condition of poor countries. They produce many films, documents and DVDs to show the poverty, illiteracy and the failed health care of the weak countries. In this way they try to not only raise money for poor countries but also convince the leaders of rich countries to plan for helping poor ones. As an example during The Olympics of the London these campaigns could convince the sport authorities of Germany to invest money for helping poor African countries.
In conclusion, the international sporting events aim to decrease conflicts among the nation as well as help to the poor countries to live in better conditions. In these they contribute to the peace in the world.

1- in DIVING ,what are
2- in cycling what is ?

in archery what is <end 1 ,9/24 75 china?
in swimming ?

Right after the first half, something like “ohh oh”, a girl voice.. Thats the only thing I could hear, if someone knows where I can get the lists of songs that were played during the game it could be nice, or if you have the game recorded its also great.

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