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I did something really bad. Ok so long story. We went to her birthday party (we’re 13) and she invited lots of boys.
And one of my other friends cried at the party because one of them hurt her really badly. The birthday girl, aka Kaila, did nothing and instead sort of laughed along with the boys.
Next after dinner we went out to the park and the girls were all united against the boys for hitting our friend and then Kaila saw the boys were playing football and just wondered to their group. (She has always been quite a flirt).
Anyways after the park, the boys had a “Party Rock” session in her brothers room (twin brother) and instead of inviting the girls along, she locked the door and hung out in there herself! She has a boyfriend but her boyfriend couldn’t make it.
So instead she flirts with this other boy who is one of her “good friend”. They had a history. This boy is called Dayren. Even though she was dating her current boyfriend she liked this boy called Dayren. She told Dayren and he liked (or likes) her back.
But a few days later her boyfriend found out and Kaila admitted to me that she doesnt like Dayren at all but to me this is not the case. I think that she throughly still cares about Dayren and likes Dayren but just because her current boyfriend is popular, she doesnt want to break up with him.
So back to the party, Dayren and Kaila were basically stuck like glue. They kept flirting with each other and at the park Kaila told me that Dayren looks “really cute” when he smiles in class. (Im in 7th while they are in 6th).
So I told my boyfriend all about Kaila (not the Dayren bit) and I accidentally forgot to log out in her house, so she saw all my conversations. What should I do now? And also I told her that I dont hate her but I am really starting to.
Do you think it’s right for me to hate her? What should I do now? Is her behavior or my behavior right? Is this “flirting”? Please help and sorry for the long story.

I have a friend of mine, a girl, who i have known for a couple years through the crew team. Last season, we would hug a lot and flirt, but nothing more. This year she has gotten really flirty, always hugging me, saying she loves me, sitting on my lap at a football game, stuff like that. Does this show she has genuine interest? I don’t have a lot of experience with hooking up, but does it sound like I have a chance?

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