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5 Euro-pe-an Coops ^_^
thats 5 more than Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs.
and 3 Uefa Cups.
Sooooo majestic and successful – that we can afford to spend a season or two in mid table and still be considered one of the most famous football clubs in Europe ^_^
everybody knows Liverpool abroad. The Spanish, the Italians, Germans, French, etc…..EVERYBODY. Famous club.

Please help me solve and show how-Thank you.
A football team can choose from four different helmets, six different jerseys, and five different pairs of pants.
How many possible uniforms are there using one helmet, one jersey, and one pair of pants?
Choose 1 answer

Breaking records for the most closet fans finally coming out.

Are These Five Funny Football Jokes ?

3.Wayne Ronneys hair transplant
4.David de Gea and his donuts
5.Roman Abramovich and his managers
Do you have any good football jokes ?

I need some new pc games for my little five year old brother… I made a topic just like this a little while ago but I need more replies. the pc is a few years old and not THAT great so.
The following have already been suggested so dont even go there:
Angry Birds
Football Manager 2011
Rise of Nations
Sims theme park
Btw he loves stuff like Plants Vs Zombies.

My friend an I were querying the approximate weight. We are guessing between 700lbs and 1000lbs.

This guy I have been dating really loves soccer, but I never played. Most of the time I don’t understand what he is talking about while watching the games. What are the basics I need to know?

Here is mine:
1) Oklahoma
2) Alabama
3) Florida State
4) Boise State (media darlings)
5) Oregon

Here is mine:
1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Florida State
4. Oregon
5. Boise State (media darlings)

1. The russian lives in the red house
2. The spaniard ownes a dog
3. the people in the green house favor cola
4. the ukranian drinks tea
5. the basketball player has a snake
6. the soccor player lives in the red house
7. milk is the favorite drink in the middle house
8. the green house is immeaditely to the right (your right) of the white house
9. the egyptian lives in the house on the left end
10. the person who playes softball lives next to the house with the pet fox
11. the soccer player lives in the house next to the house with a horse as a pet
12. The hockey player drinks O.J.
13. The Japanese play tennis
14. The egyptian lives next to the blue house
who drinks water? who owns the zebra?
Note: Each house is a diff color, has a diff nationality inside, plays a diff sport, drinks diff stuff, and has diff pets

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