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Are they content with being a trophyless bogstandard side? next season they will finish 4th, get knocked out of the last 16 in the champions league and win no trophies, but they will celebrate making the CL again so they can again get knocked out in the round of 16 the year after…..it’s an endless cycle of mediocricy

Mexico comes out with a winning record?
U.S. record in 2011 (8 losses-5 wins-3 ties) with one game left not really helping out much and will end up with a losing record
Mexico record in 2011 (1 loss-10 wins- 4 ties) with one game left which doesn’t make much of a difference b/c we will have a winning record this year
Other 2011 Mexico notes: Panamerican gold medalist, u-17 world cup champion, u-20 third place, 2011 GOLD CUP CHAMPION, Chicharito wins the premier league and goes to the champions league final, and that we have new starts upcoming from all ages (Fierro, Fabian, Cubo, espericueta, chaton, aquino, araujo, mier, reyes, etc..)
Other 2011 U.S. notes: losses gold cup at “home” with a million of pro-Mexico fans, does not qualify for u-20 world cup, losses to their papi Germany in the u-17 world cup, aquires a “great” coach who has a losing record, aquire el pocho Joe Corona and that other reject from San Luis Orozco (XD) and the U.S. FAILS to qualify to the Panamerican games…how do you feel?

Or will they just be 2012′s Blackpool? They are playing beautiful football – and they are showing great defense so far against United!

What’s with the ”as long as we get CL football it’s OK” attitude?

I am currently playing as a second striker. I’m pretty happy with the way I’m playing but i need more help with finishing, crosses, corners and free’s. I’t seems that the defender always gets to the ball first or i end up miss-timing my run and it goes over my head. Do i need to get into the best position earlier?
Can you please give me some tips, i am pretty fast and agile and have a pretty good leap.
What angle should you run into the box, and where should you start your run from??eg. just inside the goalie box? any other tips such as zig zag runs would also be very helpful.

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