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What 4 teams will most like reach the UEFA Champions League Semi Finals this and who will be in the Final and who will win it?


It would be cool

I got a funny feeling Dortmund will win 2-1 aet

they need to try hard, but not as hard as barcelona

What date is the 2013 UEFA Finals/Championship?

It’s all because Liverpool are not in CL, if Liverpool were in CL then at least 1 English team would have been in quarter finals. 5 times CL glory.

This is a bit early and premature but Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have pretty good chances of going to the UEFA Champions league semi finals to perhaps play against Barcelona and Real Madrid. There is no telling what the draw might be but the teams are fairly even except Bayern Munich have Borussia Dortmund’s number and Real Madrid have Barcelona’s number for now?
How do you see the Bundesliga teams doing in the UCL semi finals?

Hello. My name is Karim and I live in Lebanon. I want to travel to Turkey to watch Real Madrid vs Galatasaray. I want to buy tickets to sit with Real fans. I found many sites that sell tickets but i dont know if they are trustful and safe. I know that the best way is to buy tickets directly from Real , but as I am not a season ticket holder or member, what are the best sites to buy? Thank you!

I found it astonishing that PL fans want to flip things around when UEFA is in love with England. DId Wembley not host the CL final like 3 years ago? Why are they hosting it again? Well it’s because of the 150th anniversary of the FA you say, how long have they known that the anniversary would in 2013? Don’t insult people’s intelligence; if anything is fixed is UEFA love for anything English. ******* joke!

Real Madrid
Paris Saint Germain
Borussia Dortmund

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