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or ps3 and ps4 there pretty much going to be the same thing right?

they always make small improvements in graphics , but I dounbt they will be much different other than small things , the game play is what you want to see changes in anyway , who cares about just graphics ? a game can have the best graphics ever and suck , and another can have marginal graphics and be awesome

Just wondering, really looking forward to it :)

Out of the two I’d say get FIFA 14 as it is way more enjoyable, CoD is just sooo repetitve now.
I agree with with ^ though as GTA V will be AWESOME

Unfortunately YES,actually all multiplayer games need xbox live ******** gold member.


By brother goes on 360 all the time and loves fifa
I do get some time
I just pre orderd gta 5 special edition and bro pre orderd fifa 14 special edition
Obviously I will be gettin ps4
But if they stop making fifa games on xbox 360 when would that be so be can get a xbox one and I can have the xbox 360 so I can spend more time on gta 5
I know this maybe selfish but when he comes off it and I go on
He so times watches me play and I tell him to go and he bites me leg and dgs his nails in and hurts me which is just rage.
So is fifa 14 the last game on xbox360 and will fifa 15 be a xbox one and ps4 only

Ok so i know im gonna buy fifa 1414/GTA and GTA5 but the thing is that with the new xbox one/PS4 coming up
i dont know if i should. They say it wont change much the graphics. Plus i wanna play it the day it comes out.
Advice?. Thanks. I think ima buy PS4 thou

In KSIOlajidebt’s video “FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Breakdown” there is a song at the end where a piano is playing and I have no idea what it is! Its at minute 4:15. Thanks!

I’ve noticed 68 tournaments that can be played on FIFA 13 for iPad. These are all national club competitions. What I want to know is, on the iPad version of FIFA 13, can you play tournaments like The World Cup, Euro Cup, and UEFA Club Competitions? If so, how do you access them?

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