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knowing that Juventus is and ALWAYS will be superior to shinter. It must burn doesn’t it?
The Calciopoli directors will rot in midtable mediocrity once again. You losers had it coming tbf..

Do You Feel Bad That?

There are professional football players that are your age? Lol.
Alen Halilovic is a young, 17 year-old Croatian player who has shook Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s hand in a uefa match.
I usually think, damn he’s playing in amazing stadiums while I’m here doing nothing special.

And your team gets banned from all uefa club competitions?
I know i would feel be devastated, all the teams hard work is wasted. With all the money Malaga has, you’d think that they would be able to get proper club management.

I’m not saying I am disappointed nothing happened but people all over the internet kinda made me believe the illuminati will strike at the olympics. There was some pretty believable stuff all over the internet that had me believing. And now that they haven’t attacked, what does that mean? Do they all feel stupid? Is there a reason that it didn’t happen? Or are people just extremely paranoid and just need to get laid?

I wish she’s on the upcoming X-men film but she have to be smarter than that.
I’d buy both the ticket and the disc, cause’ that must be really good.
At last, London actually looks like an authentic carnival. The itch have been scratched. When I heard McDonald’s and Coca’Cola as the official restaurant and the official drink of the London 012 Summer Olympics, I knew this gotta be it. The cards are on full swing, not even a Trojan horse may distract as the media is under her majesty’s full control.

“My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend — big mistake,” Lochte said. “Now I’m single, so London should be really good. I’m excited.”

…the fact that Her Majesty did not attend the Olympics in Vancouver as Canadian monarch and head of state? Was her absence an insult to Her Majesty’s Canadian subjects?
Will Canadians feel angry that Her Majesty will attend the London games, but didn’t bother to attend the Vancouver games?

it will not be what people think it will be, and where is the holiday we should have to be able to Enjoy the Olympics?
It is great for London because they have the east end re-generated , and people of London will thank blair for years to come….

royal wedding, queens jubilee, london 2012 olympics, huge rise in beatles interest among a young generation, harry potter mania, seems WAY more tourists, news crews and union jacks everywhere than usual
we’re usually reserved minding our own business, life is usually quiet in the shire!

For the upcoming Olympic Games?

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