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So, I’m a really big fan of the sport Track and Field.(Obviously plan to see the 2012 Olympics in London.) And also I know usualyy there are many different types of fantasy sports leagues on the internet. And sense there are, there should also be a track and feild league somewhere out there right. Which brings me to my next big problem, I’ve never actually played any fantasy league before so I was wondering exactly how it would work.(If it’s not too late to join one.) Also, if I can is there anyone out there who would be recruiting new members for the fantasy leagues?

So I put Czech Republic’s second goal keeper who didn’t even play in my starting 11 so I got no points from the goalkeeper. I thought I had Portugal’s keeper in my starting 11 but when I checked my team i was was wrong and couldn’t change it because the match had already started. I lost out on 7 points. Considering he gave me 0 points and didn’t even play will he automatically be replaced with my sub goalkeeper? (who I thought was my first goalkeeper but accidentally put on the Czech keeper)

Fantasy Football Hints/tips?

Anyone know a website, preferably free, that has info on fantasy mock drafts, tips, mock bidding drafts, etc. I want to start research for the upcoming year any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

I have a dynasty league on ESPN. Please be active. Leave your email if you want to get an invitation.

I want to use a wildcard on my fantasy soccer team but I don’t know how to with a wildcard


9 spots available

Haunted by number 13.

I am truly depressed, i can’t even sleep at night because I think of how my team is failing in the Fantasy League. Today i surrendered top spot to last year’s champion. I surrendered like a cowardly little child.
Tonight, sleeping shall not come easy to me, unless , like last night, I cry myself to sleep.
I can’t even do things I normally do… (w@nk) because instead of seeing a beautiful nude woman, I see Leon Osman and Clint Dempsey doing absolutely fvck all for my fantasy team, while fecking JELAVIC CAN’T STOP SCORING… AND HE’S IN MY OPPONENTS FANTASY TEAM.
Also.. i’m in the top 10 in Trinidad… i know what you’re gonna say “Ooo but T&T only has 10 people!” FU.. just FUUUUUFUUU
Is there some sort of Fantasy Football anonymous i can go to?
Hi.. my name is Rolf, and I’m addicted to Fantasy Football.

I’m in a keeper league that’s very active in the off season. It’s a keeper league that also drafts IDP players. We have a roster of 20 but we only keep 5 from season to season.
I have a lot of people clamoring to try to get Dez Bryant from me, but due to the rules of the league, we have to trade player for player. Here’s the offer he’s issued me:
PPR btw
Demaryius Thomas (Peyton Manning now throwing the ball)
Kenny Britt
for My
Dez Bryant
Austin Collie (no Peyton Manning)
Collie is a tentative keeper right now who I will likely not be keeping anyway, but Demaryius is one of his tentatives also so I might be able to draft him if I want him. One of my problems though is one of my keeper is also Reshard Mendenhall who sounds like he’ll start the season on PUP, so I need to fill that slot and my only two tentatives right now are Austin Collie and Mark Ingram (saints RB). Anyway, any advice will be helpful.

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