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And by Football I mean Soccer

I am an Arsenal supporter that has recently moved to Poland and am wondering how easy it is to get hold of tickets for away fans for any games that we should play on the continent in either Champion’s League games or Europa League games (should we find ourselves in that competition at some point in the 2013/14 season).
Obviously, I would want to see Arsenal playing if possible; however, should a conveniently located game occur that involves any of the English teams in Europe, I may potentially consider going to one of them also. So, although this question refers predominantly to Arsenal games, any answers involving the other top 5 teams in the Premier League last season (I’m not so bothered about Wigan/Swansea) would also be appreciated.
Ideally, Arsenal would reach the Group stages of the champions league and draw a Polish team in their group; however, Legia Warsaw are the only Polish team able to qualify and they still have Molde in the 3rd qualifying round (probably a 50/50 game) followed by an as yet unknown side in the Play-offs – should they beat Molde. There would then be the small matter being lucky enough to draw the same group. So, the chances of playing them in the Champions League are small, but it would be good. The reason I bring this up though is that Legia Warsaw wouldn’t necessarily be the biggest draw to most UK-based Arsenal supporters, so I am guessing that it might be easier to get a ticket as demand for tickets might be lower (although so might be the Arsenal allowance of tickets). Does anyone know if the “smaller” clubs are easier to get tickets for and, if so, how much easier.
Lastly, I would ideally want to go through proper channels to get a ticket (so not from a ticket tout outside the game etc) but I wouldn’t want to pay an extortionate amount either, ideally.
Thanks for reading and thanks for any answers.

knowing that Juventus is and ALWAYS will be superior to shinter. It must burn doesn’t it?
The Calciopoli directors will rot in midtable mediocrity once again. You losers had it coming tbf..

I’m a Manchester city fan. I really like rangers, they have by far the best fans in scotland. I don’t know why Celtic fans keep saying rangers are a new club even though uefa have already announced rangers are the same club? Are they jealous of rangers success?

Ok, so today I’ve heard lots of rangers fans are heading to sheffield for their pre-season friendly match against Sheffield Wednesday. I’ve heard a lot about violence especially in Scottish football and I don’t want Rangers fans to do to Sheffield what they did to Manchester after the UEFA cup final.
So, should I be scared?
( I’m worried because I’m going to my football training, wearing a celtic top and I need to go through town to catch the bus) should I just not wear my celtic top? It’s too warm to wear a jumper over it.

Today, he will be presented as Bayern Munich new manager. Succeeding to the historic-treble winning Jupp Heynckes, what are your expectations from him?
As a BVB fan, I’m looking forward to see DFB-Super Cup at Signal Iduna Park, perfect place to watch two Geniuses of own kind, that is, Kloppo vs. Pep. It’s also perfect place for us to take revenge of UEFA CL final and also, Mario Gotze’s steal-away.

Are Celtic Fans Retarded?

It has been stated by the ASA, Uefa, Fifa and the SFA that Rangers are the same club. Why can Celtic fans not just admit it? Are they really all that delusional? Are you all that jealous that Rangers are still the most successful club in Scotland?


some real world class opposition above like West Ham, Spurs and Red Star Belgrade xD

Furor Teutonicus is the famous Teutonic Bezerker rage that destroyed 3 Roman legions in the Teutoberg forest. Now Bayern Munich must use this intense focused rage to beat Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League Final in London’s Wembley Stadium.
Are you with me as we need to seek revenge for what happened over the last 2 seasons in the Bundesliga as Borussia beat Bayern 5 straight times?
Oliver Kahn often put his Furor Teutonicus face on and that is what we Bavarian fans must do to support our great team!

Hoffenheim 2-1 over Dortmund just 1 week before the UEFA Champions league final.

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